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The Enemies of YaHuWaH- Deut 20:17

Perez Hilton-a Perizite

Perez Hilton-a Perizzite

We all know about the Ha Satan being YaHuWaH’s enemy, but did you know there are certain “People’s” he also detests. Let’s face it..He doesn’t LOVE EVERYBODY okay?? Especially groups of people that are in direct violation of his Torah Teaching, Laws, Morals and Ethical Standards. He says we are to go to WAR with these groups because if we don’t, they will utterly destroy YOU and drag you to hell with them and their False gods.  (Deut. 20).

The groups mentioned in this passage include the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivites. Notice there are SIX GROUPS listed here. These are MAN MADE GROUPS or collectives. Oh sure you can go into the historical and documented archeology, etc… and fight about it, but YaHuWaH says these are COLLECTIVES or mind sets of the people and they pass from generation to generation. Like I’ve said before :


We already talked about the AMORITES in another post I did earlier. These are the IT GEEKS. The information technology addicts. The demonically infiltrated computer WIZARDS running SPY PROGRAMS on you. The let’s “get the dirt on everybody” mentality so we can EXTORT from them when we need to in the future. We have them right here in the USA with the NSA… Well they had them back then too…

And by the way, it has nothing to do with your SAFETY…DUH???

The Perizzites follow after the Amorites. These are the people that BUY into the former. They have to have the latest gadgets. They are the SOCIAL MEDIA freaks. The TEXTERS, TWITTERERS, Facebookers, Gossipers, Lying MEDIA, Paris and PEREZ Hiltons, The PAPER ARTZI or PAPA RAZZI. (to RAZE means to tear down- The Father of Destruction..The DESTROYER of one’s Character). The PARASITES.

The newspapers, magazines, myspacers, GLAM, RED Carpet, Hollywood Sucking, one uppers….

The next group is the Canaanites. Now this is a mis-translation. It is a very BROAD Category and a geographical region OR it is the descendants of CAIN. Remember the dude that YaHuWaH marked in Genesis so he wouldn’t be killed?? Killed by who?? There were other races of beings on the planet at the time. NOT ADAMIC. There were GIANTS, and HU-MANS, probably Sheti and Shasu Lizard ETS, SEA Peoples, … all kinds of stuff…..Cain was the first MURDERER. He killed his brother Abel due to a jealous spirit. Sibling Rivalry. He learned about killing and murder to try to get something somebody else had. Abel had Favor with YaHuWaH because he had a right spirit. Cain was already misled about the value of life and was operating at an animal/beast level and not on a spiritual plane. This is the whole premise behind WAR. We want what somebody else has. God is not enough for them…

This moves us on to the Hittites.These were the specialists if you will at the former. The MERCENARIES. The HIT MEN.  Let’s just make a career of taking other people’s shit by strong ARMING  them. Thus, these are the arms dealers also. The MOB, Mafia.  You get it….

Then we have all the SEXUAL PERVERTS. The HIV ITES. You think HIV is anything new? Guess again. That plague has been around for millenia. It’s genetically engineered.  If your gonna play your gonna pay. Anybody that does not keep Torah and YaHuWaH’s laws about sexual purity will die eventually from this plague. It is always released at the end of an “AGE” as a wake up call to the masses. The wages of SIN is Death… It is a DEATH SENTENCE issued to sexual perverts.

And finally, the most interesting of all…The JEBUSITES. Now we know there is no “J”. (Just like there is no JESUS…JEBU comes from Jesus/Buddha)  These are the YE VUS ITES. The best known was Melchisedez, the High Priest of SALEM.  This priest was the Messiah YaHushuWaH in a former AGE. PRE- GENESIS. This was a former millenial reign on the EARTH. The YE VUS SITES  were descendents of  that former reign. YE =YOU ALL plural. VOU=SEEN. (like DEJA VOU).  The ALL SEEING ONES. They knew the score about everything that goes down and how everything is cyclical, because they had experienced it before in a past life. They had past life memory of it. They had been there. The problem was their DNA had become corrupted. We know in scripture that Ha Satan is loosed “for a season” during the Millenial reign. It’s his job to cull the masses. The Jebusites are the result of that culling… It will happen again when the next millenial reign is set up once again with the “2nd” ( 6th?) coming of the Messiah. This next one…(there have been 5 prior) will make the 6th and final stage for mankind…. SIX being the number of man…(The 7th or perfect age will be when the new Heaven and Earth will replace this planet at the end of the 6th).  The Jebusites are a danger to YaHuWaH because they know the truth about the Mysteries of the Ages. These are the PRIESTS that now practice sorcery trying to rewrite the future. The Adepts, Shamans, Mystery School adherents, and the Illuminati. Using what they know about Science, Math, Physics, Genetics, etc… they are trying to create their own Destiny and be their own GODS…Without YaHuWaH. They are on Ha Satan’s side because they are related to him. Satan’s Seed.

So there you have it. These are OUR ENEMIES now if you are one of YaHuWaH’s… These groups are in direct conflict to our ELOHIM’s plans. John, the Revelator, was shown the outcome in advance for the next and final destruction of this world system. The difference this time is that after this millenial reign here on this Earth,  there will never be any more enemies of YaHuWaH. He will create a new HEAVEN and EARTH altogether after the 1000 year period and the culling will be complete. The GOATS will be eternally separated from HIS SHEEP. They will be cast into the fire pit. They will no longer exist…


The Accursed thing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible. Joshua Chap. 7

The Accursed Thing

The Accursed Thing

There is nothing new under the Sun. Would you agree? (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

We already had a whole teaching about Baal-Peor that you should review before reading this!

Jericho was an adherent of this demon just as our country here in the USA is today. That was why YaHuWaH took it out in the first place. This demon will totally degrade a society so fast, such that it is un-redeemable. The story of Achan proves this point. The demon, Baal- Peor,  is such a seducing spirit that all’s it took was him gazing on it and that wedget eye had him. After Jericho fell, this guy decides he is going to hide some of the spoil in his tent. YaHuWaH separates the thieves out like a sieve down to the particular individual who stole the goods. He knows the number of hairs on our heads folks. You’re not gonna get one by on him. YaHuWaH calls  the stolen goods the “ACCURSED THING”. What on earth was it that  this guy and his whole family are slaughtered for with YaHuWaH’s blessing?

Well first off, they knew it was something valuable to the worship aspect of this particular demon. Achan says it was a goodly Babylonian fur garment. My guess would be a Jaguar pelt. Along with that, was a golden Tongue. Probably used in sexual acts with temple prostitutes, and lastly 200 pieces of silver. Probably the wages procured  by those same acts. All of it was deplorable and Achan had no excuse EXCEPT that he was already under the spell of the demon PRIOR to taking the items. YaHuWaH knows how this demon works, so there was no going back or repentance for this man and his family. They had been secret WORSHIPPERS of Baal-Peor all along as are many of you!

The next story is interesting as well, as Joshua decides to attack the city of AI, an AMORITE  town.  He sends out spies and the spies report that this is gonna be a piece of cake as there aren’t very many people in this town. 3000 Israelites should have no problem taking them. Too bad they weren’t human at all… They were A.I. all right…Artificial Intelligence and they managed to kill 36 people before the Israelites figured it out and got the hell out of there. They scared the crap out of the Israelites with their superhuman speed and abilities, so much so that it says their hearts MELTED like water.  AMORITES love I.T. Information Technology. We still have them today and YaHuWaH still hates them too. You see we have these same gods still fighting the same wars. Well, YaHuWaH takes them out with the Ark of the Covenant once again. (Nuclear bomb?) A group acts as decoy to draw them all out from their base station while another group comes up the back and burns the place to the ground. They manage to kill all 12,000 (False tribe) of the AI’s. ( So they can be killed with YaHuWaH’s divine help).  Joshua  hangs the AI leader, and then builds a stone monument over the top of him in the gate of the devastated city as a memorial for ever. YaHuWaH will bury any technology that will try to usurp his divine creation, folks.

These scientists with their  Higgs Boson particle, Beast computers, recombinant DNA, Transhumanism agenda, etc…are going to have to answer to their MAKER here shortly. You mess with YaHuWaH’s particles, genome, and creation and your ass will be burned and buried under a pile of rocks. History repeats itself. The Rock of Ages will not be mocked. He’s taken out whole cities and Nations for this stuff in the past and he’ll do it again.

America better wise up and get on her knees and repent. We’re next…

And the WALLS came a tumbling down…..SELAH.