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Gog, Ma’gog, Me’shech and Tubal – Ezekiel Chapter 38-39

Here we have YaHuWaH talking to the SON OF MAN- the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel means “God Strengthens”. One who has been strengthened by YaHuWaH himself. Now How HE does this is a whole other lesson…

At any rate, we have an announcement from YaHuWaH that He is:

against GOG- a Chief “PRINCE” (son a King) In this Case Satan. The King of the AIRWAVES.

from the LAND of MAGOG -(A physical place) Ma meaning the Mother of GOG.
(ex. Lady GAGA comes to mind) The Silicon Valley?

who is the “SON” of Meshech and Tubal. So Meshech and Tubal are not SON of MAN…
They are sons of something else! TUBAL as we stated in a previous post-
comes from the Fallopian tubes so it is a SEED from the woman.
One that has been REMOVED and messed with!

Me’shech is the MYSTERY. The word MACHINE comes to mind and this is what it means. MeShech was the SIXTH
son of Japheth. Here we have the 6. The number of man. But this is not Adamic man. This is MA CHINE man. 666?
CHINA MAN? It also possibly means “who is what Aku is?” in Akkadian, Aku being the name of the Babylonian god of the moon. AKU=ANU . Another MOON being. (China means white porcelain and is made in the fire). Conductors are made of CHINA, Glass, Crystal, etc.. Things made from Fire and extreme pressure. This is a CONDUIT LIFE SOURCE. Not organic. A fiber NETWORK! These are sophisticated cyber intelligences mixed with human DNA. Cyborgs. Part human-part machine.

Also, if you remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abeddnigo in the bible? How they didn’t BURN in the fire? Well they weren’t totally HUMAN. They were TRANS HUmans. This technology has been going on for eons…Atlantean stuff. Pre- Noah’s flood stuff.

This is going to be the final straw in YaHuWaH’s battle with “Humanity” . 2/3 will be destroyed because the genome is no longer human. GOG is short for GOOGLE or gog led. GOG is leading the internet or cyberspace arena. This is a battle between organic and inorganic cyberbeings. THE CLOUD is also mentioned in EX 39. WE all know that this too is referring now to CYBERSPACE. The words are all CODE WORDS. GOG has JAWS so he is speaking and he is a MESSENGER. YaHuWaH says he will put HOOKS in his jaws and turn him backwards.He will destroy his BANDS. He is talking about computer viruses (WORMS ARE HOOKS) and BANDS is Band width. It is all about


It will start this way and then manifest in 3D. Horses and Swords must be code words also.
Any computer geeks out there know what these are? Trojan horses?

The battle is not gonna be literally fought with horses and swords folks. Walls falling are firewalls. Swords cut things so maybe cutting off communications somehow? Crashing the system worldwide?

Cutting off power and transformers?

A horse is something you ride on for battle. It was also very fast and easy to navigate with. You sit on it.
Time will tell what this is! A virtual horse? Computer guided Missiles? Drones?

At any rate,

the battle of Har Megiddo will be held in Cyberspace first, and then will go live and nuclear. Har means mountain or a “rising up” and Megiddo means “crowds”. This will involve the whole earth, as this will involve the whole Cyberspace Community Uprising.

The Crowd Mentality (HIVE MIND, Politically Correct, One-World, Mainstream Media )
the Children of YaHuWaH (THE ELECT, Narrow WAY, ONLY WAY, non-Tolerant, Non- Compromising).

EZEKIEL is told to SET HIS FACE against GOG, Meshach and Tubal. Well we now have FACE BOOK…The book of FACES..
Can you see how our Elohim ROCKS!! 2000 years ago and He’s talking about the Internet, THE CLOUD, and Facebook.

That’s my take on this. THE END TIMES are HERE…

More to come…


The Four Beasts Of Daniel Chap.7 Beast #1- The SPHINX.

Mithras in Leontine form

YaHuWaH has been prompting me to talk about this for some reason, and it is very involved. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish or understand, and right now I only get half of it. That’s how HE operates though. He can be such a tease… I want to talk about the first  beast in this session.

The first beast is a Winged Lion. The Hebrew calls it a “SHE” and the wings are vulture’s wings.. It sounded like a Sphinx and that’s exactly what it is.. We already went over a similar story with the story of Oedipus REX. (See my post on this one). “She” was a progeny of the nine MUSES which we also discussed. The ones that mated with PAN. A Chimera. Full- fledge DNA/Demon manipulation.

The winged sphinx of Thebes, the most famous in legend, was said to have terrorized the people by demanding the answer to a riddle taught her by the Muses. Eventually, Oedipus gives the proper answer.  The sphinx thereupon kills herself and Oedipus rules supreme.

This particular Sphinx cited in Daniel is an EASTERN “winged” Sphinx. The Word here in Daniel says it was given a mortal body and became human. Through Egyptian influence, the sphinx became known in Asia. The sphinx did not occur in Mesopotamia until about 1500 bce, when it was clearly imported from the Levant. In appearance, the Asian sphinx differed from its Egyptian model most noticeably in the addition of wings to the leonine body, a feature that continued through its subsequent history in Asia and the Greek world. Another innovation was the female sphinx, which first began to appear in the 15th century bce.

About 1600 bce the sphinx first appeared in the Greek world.  Although derived from the Asian sphinx, the Greek examples were not identical in appearance; they customarily wore a flat cap with a flame-like projection on top. The Phrygian cap identified Trojans such as Paris,  and the Anatolian god Attis who was later adopted by the Roman and Hellenic cultures.

In the later parts of Roman history, the god Mithras — whose worship was widespread until suppressed by Christianity — was regularly portrayed as wearing a Phrygian cap, fitting with his being perceived as a Persian god who had “come out of the East”

So who is the King being referenced here? My guess would be MITHRAS as he came out of the EAST . (From Helios the SUN).

Lion-headed figure

One of the most characteristic features of the Mythraic Mysteries is the naked lion-headed figure often found in Mithraic temples. He is entwined by a serpent, (or two serpents, like a caduceus) with the snake’s head often resting on the lion’s head. The lion’s mouth is often open, giving a horrifying impression. He is usually represented having four wings, two keys (sometimes a single key) and a scepter in his hand. Sometimes the figure is standing on a globe inscribed with a diagonal cross. In the figure shown here, the four wings carry the symbols of the four seasons and a thunderbolt is engraved on the breast.

The name of the figure has been deciphered from dedicatory inscriptions to be Arimanius, which is nominally the equivalent of Ahriman, a demon figure in the Zoroastrian pantheon ,while some scholars identify the lion-man as Aion. (Ari means LION). Although the exact identity of the lion-headed figure is debated by scholars, it is largely agreed that the god is associated with time and seasonal change.

So there you have it. Our first “Seasonal”  or better yet “Directional” Beast is descended from the demon Sphinx hybrid from the EAST and is a hybrid being that becomes a mortal man. He was a fabricated being. (made from a rock, i.e. steel, Human, and Demon)

He was not THE ROCK, however. (YaHushuWaH- the ROCK) The fabricator of life itself.

He was AI #1. An artificial steel/ demonic/human computer hybrid – TRANSHUMAN

complete with his THINKING  Phyrigian CAP!!




Postscript> EUROS (or Eurus) was the god of the East Wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was associated with the season of AUTUMN and dwelt near the palace of the sun-god Helios the sun in the far east. The four winds bring forth the four beasts.

The Accursed thing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible. Joshua Chap. 7

The Accursed Thing

The Accursed Thing

There is nothing new under the Sun. Would you agree? (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

We already had a whole teaching about Baal-Peor that you should review before reading this!

Jericho was an adherent of this demon just as our country here in the USA is today. That was why YaHuWaH took it out in the first place. This demon will totally degrade a society so fast, such that it is un-redeemable. The story of Achan proves this point. The demon, Baal- Peor,  is such a seducing spirit that all’s it took was him gazing on it and that wedget eye had him. After Jericho fell, this guy decides he is going to hide some of the spoil in his tent. YaHuWaH separates the thieves out like a sieve down to the particular individual who stole the goods. He knows the number of hairs on our heads folks. You’re not gonna get one by on him. YaHuWaH calls  the stolen goods the “ACCURSED THING”. What on earth was it that  this guy and his whole family are slaughtered for with YaHuWaH’s blessing?

Well first off, they knew it was something valuable to the worship aspect of this particular demon. Achan says it was a goodly Babylonian fur garment. My guess would be a Jaguar pelt. Along with that, was a golden Tongue. Probably used in sexual acts with temple prostitutes, and lastly 200 pieces of silver. Probably the wages procured  by those same acts. All of it was deplorable and Achan had no excuse EXCEPT that he was already under the spell of the demon PRIOR to taking the items. YaHuWaH knows how this demon works, so there was no going back or repentance for this man and his family. They had been secret WORSHIPPERS of Baal-Peor all along as are many of you!

The next story is interesting as well, as Joshua decides to attack the city of AI, an AMORITE  town.  He sends out spies and the spies report that this is gonna be a piece of cake as there aren’t very many people in this town. 3000 Israelites should have no problem taking them. Too bad they weren’t human at all… They were A.I. all right…Artificial Intelligence and they managed to kill 36 people before the Israelites figured it out and got the hell out of there. They scared the crap out of the Israelites with their superhuman speed and abilities, so much so that it says their hearts MELTED like water.  AMORITES love I.T. Information Technology. We still have them today and YaHuWaH still hates them too. You see we have these same gods still fighting the same wars. Well, YaHuWaH takes them out with the Ark of the Covenant once again. (Nuclear bomb?) A group acts as decoy to draw them all out from their base station while another group comes up the back and burns the place to the ground. They manage to kill all 12,000 (False tribe) of the AI’s. ( So they can be killed with YaHuWaH’s divine help).  Joshua  hangs the AI leader, and then builds a stone monument over the top of him in the gate of the devastated city as a memorial for ever. YaHuWaH will bury any technology that will try to usurp his divine creation, folks.

These scientists with their  Higgs Boson particle, Beast computers, recombinant DNA, Transhumanism agenda, etc…are going to have to answer to their MAKER here shortly. You mess with YaHuWaH’s particles, genome, and creation and your ass will be burned and buried under a pile of rocks. History repeats itself. The Rock of Ages will not be mocked. He’s taken out whole cities and Nations for this stuff in the past and he’ll do it again.

America better wise up and get on her knees and repent. We’re next…

And the WALLS came a tumbling down…..SELAH.