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Thurs. March 27th, 2014. Update on the “Abduction” of Malaysian Flight 370.


I want to clarify a few things at this time. We talked about Michael the Arch “Angel” (MALAK) taking the Malaysian flight 370.

Let me be clear, that we are not NEW AGE proponents not do we engage in Channeling or talking to 4th dimensional entities via trance or hypnotic altered states. That is all demonic and not to be trusted. We are not adherents of the ASHTAR (ISHTAR) Command or Nephilim hybrids or any other alien races for that matter. To be sure, there are other races in our galaxy,( i.e. created 3rd and 4th dimensional beings)  but  that is not what we are referring to here. We are talking about the Prince of YaHuWaH’s heavenly host.

(7th-9th dimensional beings).

There is, and has been an eternal war going on since the fall of mankind, which is talked about a lot in the “Bible”.  It has been occurring on the higher dimensions, namely 4th, 5th, and 6th,  but will move into the 3rd dimension here now as we are coming to closure in the battle.

The final war over the future of mankind, will be fought (THE MAGOG WAR) in the Middle East during the next 12 years.

So why did God intervene in this Flight 370 situation?

Well we noted that the NWO really had it pre-planned to steal the plane from the onslaught. They wanted the RFID Chip scientists at their disposal, and the patent for the technology not to be shared with the Chinese government. The Malaysian Government just got caught in the crossfire. They really didn’t know what was going down. There also may have been either biologicals or nuclear materials on board as well,  that were being transported to the Diego Garcia airbase “under the radar” , so to speak, literally. The pilots were notified of the change ahead of time, (phone call)  and were complicent, as they had worked for the US military on other operations and deliveries in the past. No big deal. Just a little side job….Moonlighting if you will, to make some extra cash. Not intentionally neferious but surely unethical and illegal.

Well, God had seen enough. People think YaHuWaH isn’t in the big picture anymore. He’s the pie in the sky God. Well I got news for you…He is on top on HIS GAME FOLKS. When he sees something contrary to HIS OUTCOME for this planet he will intervene and intervene BIG TIME. The NWO is not gonna pull one over on YaHuWaH and get away with it. ANYTHING they are allowed to do is with his permission and this WAS NOT!

As long as his ELECT 144,000 are here on the earth we will be protected from these electronic, biological,  and nuclear weapons. I can’t say the same for the rest of you. YOU DON”T KNOW GOD. If you don’t know his NAME you surely don’t KNOW HIM! God has all the “ALIEN TECHNOLOGY” at his disposal and then some. He created those rebel races. They can’t outsmart their Creator. You don’t think he has any SPACECRAFT at his disposal? WELL DUH??? He could have changed the Magnetism at that location if He wanted to. Maybe he did.

At any rate, HE TOOK the ship because it was a grave danger to mankind. It was for the greater good of mankind.  Most of the passengers are still alive and did not see death. SEVEN to be exact have chosen to stay with Michael and were incarnated for this purpose here. They will NOT be returning to Earth. They  are Malak. They are leading and training the other 200. The 12 crew members are dead as are the 20 scientists. Their time was up. No pain, no torture- just non-existant anymore. The 200 remaining people are in spiritual training and being well cared for. They will be returning to Earth shortly. They will be here before the millenial reign of YaHuShUwaH is set up. (Within the next 20 years and they will help to lead many ASIANS, mostly Chinese,  to the TRUTH of Gods Kingdom. They have been given a rare opportunity and should not be grieved.

They are in a FAR BETTER situation than us here on Earth. That 20 years is like a blink of the eye to GOD.

Now the NWO will try to stage the crash scene in the Indian Ocean. We know that is the next thing they have planned. They have Hollywood at their disposal folks. Don’t believe it! Debris is all of a sudden popping up all over that Ocean. Give me a break! YaHuWaH has sent a cyclone to confound them. Cyclone “Gillian=Julian=belonging to Julius). He’s telling us that this is a staged crash site by the Roman (Julian) Vatican bosses. Don’t believe any of it.

The nuclear cargo may have been dumped in New Mexico on March 18th. I showed you the plume cloud video that is now hanging over Amarillo, TX and Oklahoma. Get out your gamma counters folks in those areas and check on that! You could be being rained on. The plane will be kept for future operations. YaHuWaH has everything at his disposal and one little plane can do a whole hell of a lot of damage to the NWO.  Even Obama is worried with his “nuclear bomb over Manhatten comment” the other day.

They are really worried now and they should be. GOD will not be mocked. The pope ain’t gonna save you. Obama can run to that false prophet all he wants…

The Anti-Christ crowd will have their day here shortly, but after that,  it’s all over for them folks.

Choose this day whom you will Serve.

The Creator’s Name is YaHuWaH. Every knee is gonna bow at that name….



Who is Michael? He is Here! Michael is Standing up!! (Boeing 777-Malaysian flight 370) is a sign from YaHuWaH.

Postscript>  DON’T CLICK THE BOX  IN THE VIDEO> There is about a 10 sec delay.
We all know that  there is no ” JESUS”  but rather our Prince’s  name is YaHuShuWaH and he was the human incarnation of Almighty YaHuWaH here on the earth in our history of Israel. His mouthpiece is the Arch Angel or Malak (messenger) “MICHAEL” or One who is like EL. The author of the video seems to think the two are one and the same. We do not.

He is in charge of the heavenly host and leads the war against Ha Satan as one of 7 Archangels or Malak.   Please review my post on MOAB. YaHuWaH has told me HE is here to take out MOAB prior to YaHuWaH’s  earthly appearance or 2nd coming during the Magog War which we will ALL witness in our near future. (next 12 years).

The 777  (fighting against 666) Boeing stolen airliner  Malaysian (MALAISE= initial feelings of SICKNESS)  FL 370 will be used for this purpose 370 days from the day it was taken.

Michael is here to protect the ELECT emissaries  (the 144,00) who are incarnated here to initiate the Endtime 2nd ? (NOT!) coming of  YaHuShuWaH Ha’ Mashiach. (He has been here more times than 2!)

He will not allow us to be taken out by directed Microwave Electronic Satellite RF chip technology warfare which was invented and patented  by  FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTORS along with Vatican/DARPA financial and DEMONIC dragon  technological backing.

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED and YAHUWAH will not be defeated.