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The Four Horseman of the Apocalype= FOUR STARS and their configurations!!

The Red Horseman is beginning to Rear his Ugly Head.


constellation_Taurus                                           Hyades

Our Elohim is amazing! He said he would give us the stars for signs and he has shown me a glimpse of what that means!! I was reading this morning and he told me how he absolutely detests GROVE worship. Well the only grove I had heard about was Bohemian, so I looked up grove worship. Seems the DRUIDS are really into this. Well I looked at their pagan ritual calendar and saw the vernal equinox coming up. Right along with Passover & Easter….This is what it said….

The Spring Equinox, Alban Eilir, located in the East, represents the time of Reception – Reception of Wisdom, as we face the dawn rays of the rising sun on the first morning of Spring. The East has always been associated with Wisdom and Enlightenment, because it is from the East that the sun rises. And it is on the Spring Equinox that…

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The Red Horseman of the Apocalypse-The Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

I’ve been studying this person and what the Dalai Lama actually is and what he represents. First off, he is a Tibetan Buddhist. Tibet as a country sits between India and Red China. Sidhartha Buddha was actually raised as a Hindu in India. I already stated in a previous post that it was revealed to me that India would play a part as the Red Horseman. (The Bulls Eye of  Aldebaran…. The Watcher from the EAST)

The “Lamas” were actually considered to be incarnations of the Hindu god VISHNU. They are avatars of this pagan HINDU diety. The Dalai Lama is therefore a false Christ as he claims to be an incarnated god. He is a One- World Religion promoter and is even touring in the USA now promoting a false sense of peace and brotherly love.

Tibetan Monks have a history of atrocities to be sure. They have been known to have tortured their adherents in their faith through pagan cutting and starvation rituals and even penile castration. Some of the things they do to their own followers are just plain disgusting.

There are red hat and yellow hat Buddhists supposedly that follow differing paths, but the original path was that of the RED hat or Bon group. To gain more acceptance and converts they toned it down  through the ages, thus the yellow hat group now predominates. The watered down version if you will.

Both religions (Hinduism and Buddism) are polytheistic with thousands of “gods”  (fallen angels) that they worship, so overall they are an abomination to the one Creator God YaHuWaH.  Thou shalt have no other gods before him. PERIOD. The Dalai Lama is promoting his New Age Religion and is actually more of a political figurehead than a priestly figure, but he gets my vote as the Red Horseman. China and Tibet are on terrible terms now and it won’t take much to get India and China riled up against each other to preserve Tibet and the Dalai Lama’s Regime. He is in a position to pit one super RED power against the other. Keep your eye on the Bull’s eye in the EAST. The RED horseman comes from the EAST and Tibet will be key in the conflict with the Dalai Lama at the forefront of the confrontation. The ones promoting peace and hope (Obama in the WEST) are the ones that are the DECEIVERS and have hidden agendas to bring in the NWO on a global agenda.