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The Four Horseman of the Apocalype= FOUR STARS and their configurations!!

The Red Horseman is beginning to Rear his Ugly Head.


constellation_Taurus                                           Hyades

Our Elohim is amazing! He said he would give us the stars for signs and he has shown me a glimpse of what that means!! I was reading this morning and he told me how he absolutely detests GROVE worship. Well the only grove I had heard about was Bohemian, so I looked up grove worship. Seems the DRUIDS are really into this. Well I looked at their pagan ritual calendar and saw the vernal equinox coming up. Right along with Passover & Easter….This is what it said….

The Spring Equinox, Alban Eilir, located in the East, represents the time of Reception – Reception of Wisdom, as we face the dawn rays of the rising sun on the first morning of Spring. The East has always been associated with Wisdom and Enlightenment, because it is from the East that the sun rises. And it is on the Spring Equinox that…

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Aldebaran and the Crescent moon- in 2015- ISLAM & the Two Witnesses

Crescent moon and star

We touched on this briefly in one of my other posts and I said I’d have to come back to this because I didn’t know what it meant. Well come to find out the Crescent moon with a star in it is none other than the flag of ISLAM! OMG! This configuration will occur in 2015 in the heavens, and this will usher in the Red Horseman of the apocalypse. If you also refer to the Alice in Wonderland programming we see that the RED QUEEN is the one that cuts off people’s heads!! All of the illuminati symbology is tied together as they are supporting ISLAM to rid the world of Christians and Jews first and foremost. Religious persecution will be on the increase over the next two years with some Martyrs coming to the forefront. I don’t know as yet who the two witnesses are, but they may be surfacing during this timeframe. I asked YaHuWaH about them testifying in “sackcloth and ashes” and the answer I got was not what I expected. Sackcloth is Pajamas! These two will not be working jobs. They will not even get washed in the traditions of mankind on a daily basis. They will be in such close relationship with almighty YaHuWaH that they have no concern for their outward appearance to the masses. They will work from home on the internet, I believe, and could already being doing so. They will announce where YaHuWaH’s wrath will fall prophetically online prior to the events happening,  such that the CIA and Secret services will think they are orchestrating these judgements themselves. They will attribute it to HAARP or other technological means but this will not be the case. It will be a divine intervention by YHWH himself. They are just the messengers of the events. The RED Horseman of Aldebaran is the WAR Horseman. WE are talking MAJOR WAR here. Threat of nuclear attacks, dirty bombs, and drone raids. There also could be a UFO staged event as well with the THULE/VRIL connection. (see my post pertaining to this as well).  Hollywood is setting the stage for you with Olympus is Fallen. They have to tell you in advance what it is they are going to do. It is an unwritten Law of the Universe for them to do so. They are giving us LEGAL  NOTICE if you will. The Galactic Federation could come into play during this time as well serving as “Saviors” to us being “Invaded”. Sananda looks just like our version of Jesus Christ. This was done by Illuminati design as The images in all those cathedrals were painted by their discreet members back during the Golden ages and Renaissance periods. The movie “The Davinci Code”,  touched on this aspect. Just keep in mind that this is all being orchestrated by them to fulfill their plans to rule the world. Keep your eyes out for the TWO witnesses.

They could be showing up at any time now within the next two years.

Aldebaran- The UFO, Nazi/Thule/Vril Connection- The Red Horseman