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Yom Teruah- Sundown Sept 24th – Sundown Sept 26th. The Feast of Trumpets. A Dress Rehearsal for the 2nd Coming of Messiah.

The Feast Of Trumpets, The Rapture, and the Last Trump of the Shofar

We do not believe that Paul was a true apostle, so any books and references to his teachings are circumspect to say the least. ( 1 Thess. & 1 Corinth). We stick with Matthew/ YaHushuWaH and John the Revelator on this one.

Furthermore, we are not promoting any religious denomination such as these gentleman from The United “Church” of God.

There is NO “CHURCH”- The Ecclesia or “called out” ¬†ones are THE ELECT.

Feast of Trumpets