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Gilgal-The Entrance to the Promised Land

The word of YaHuWaH for 12-7-12 Joshua Chap 4. The place called Gilgal.

This passage talks about another crossing and parting of waters that happens after the Red Sea and Moses episode. This one may not be as well known to us. Joshua is told to cross the river Jordan and they are headed to Jericho (remember the Battle of Jericho? YHWH once again holds back the waters so the twleve tribes can cross over. The interesting part this time is that one man from each tribe is told to grab a boulder from the bottom of the riverbed and take it for a monument that they are to build on the other side to commemorate this event FOREVER. The place where they put the monument was called Gilgal. Now nobody seems to be able to find or agree asto  the location of this site. Gilgal means circle or wheel. Could we have another bible wheel here such as Ezekial’s wheel? I  don’t think the stones were put in a circle like they think. This was a very HOLY place.  How would they make it stand out FOREVER? Saul was annointed king here and the Ark of the Covenant had been placed here as well. Every days after they circled Jericho they returned here to their camp.  The Isrealites were circumsized also for a 2nd time here (the hill of foreskins) and that this was the last place for manna to have ever appeared from heaven. It was a CROSSROADS. A PORTAL. The angel of the Lord of Hosts also appears here and tells them to remove their shoes! Later on, the prophet Hosea tells how the place has been decimated and corrupted and how YHWH is furous!

Well they say they found the site now and guess what? It’s in the shape of a GIANT FOOT!