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Easter-A pagan celebration

Pagan “EASTER”- An Abomination to YaHuWaH

YHWH Executive Meeting- 3-25-13 Mandatory Attendance Required!

passover seder

The BOSS has called a meeting and it’s time to meet with GOD. The GOD. The one and only God, YaHuWaH. Pesach or better know as Passover is YHWH’s appointed time to meet with his called out ones…His ELECT. It’s like his reserved board meetings for us. It is not arbitrary. If your CEO or President told you to be somewhere at such and such a time you’d show up, right? If not- YOUR FIRED! (Donald Trump style). Well YaHuWaH is way beyond any man made organization. This is for OUR EDIFICATION and Communion with Him! Passover followed by Unleavened bread and First Fruits were all fulfilled by our Mashiach’s Life, Death, and Resurrection but we are to come together as a body even still at this time to work out our own salvation in right fellowship with the Master.

Try to find a passover seder you can attend on Monday night if possible to meet with our Lord. If this is not available you can serve your own at home. The main course is the Lamb which represent our Savior the Lamb of God which was slain for us and our sins.

There are many good recipes online that you can serve to your family and friends to commemorate the occasion. (No Pork or Ham) The other thing is that we are not to eat any LEAVEN or YEAST for 1 week beginning Monday night at sundown. YaHuWaH says we must be purged of Leaven which represents sin and corruption. This is by no means a Jewish thing. This is a YaHuWaH’s adopted child, family of God thing. Forget Pagan Easter and Palm SUNday. These counterfeits are an abomination to almighty YaHuWaH. We are to do this HIS WAY. Period. Unleavened bread is flatbread. You can buy Matza, make your own, or even some whole wheat tortillas will qualify. Just read the labels to make sure no LEAVEN is in it! No Pasta, Bread, Cake, Cookies, Rolls, etc… Anything with flour for the most part. Also No Yogurt, Beer, Wine, etc..anything that requires FERMENTATION.

In like manner you need to purge the SIN from your life! Smoking, drinking, fornication, drugs, etc… It all has to go. This is a time of Purification by the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. It’s not a time for playing games with God. If your are an ELECT chosen vessel of YaHuWaH,  you should be already with this program. This is an ongoing part of Salvation. It is not negotiable.

We are living in the END TIMES and Yahushuwah will return in our lifetime. (2033?). That’s within 20 years folks! No times for games! Secure your placesetting at HIS table now for the wedding of our bridegroom.

My only son is getting married this year and there is so much to do to prepare. How much more to meet with the maker of the UNIVERSE! How exciting and awesome is that! You need to be studying and learning from His Torah daily and keeping yourselves from evil and the world system the best you can. He has so much he wants to tell us if we will only take the time to hear what He is saying! Get alone with him as much as you can, but take some time next week to meet with other true Messianic congregations to fellowship and proclaim his majesty in celebration of what He has done for us. Be encouraged in the Faith and Rest assured in knowing that time is short and we will soon be seeing our Returning King in our lifetime. Halleluyah!

Yah Bless all his true Saints at this special time of year. Shalom.