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The Magick behind Barack Obama- The White Horseman

The “Sandy” Connection- “Y” dna

Satanists read in reverse. Right to left.  Y dna’s. DNA haplotypes. The bottom line is always going to be DNA manipulation. Satan has been implementing his hybridization program since the garden. Y Dna is the DNA carried by the males. These are the sons of Satan. Satan is their bloodline father. They have his DNA. The other connection is that Joseph Smith said that a Sandy-haired angel was always a DEMON in disguise.The hurricane Sandy was Demonically orchestrated. They love using play on words.  Personally,  I believe the whole event was staged. The media is TOTALLY bought and paid for by the Luciferians. If anybody died they certainly weren’t shot by one kid. They are just telling you that. They LOVE SLOW TORTURE.  The cops are all involved and in on the act also as are the medics, etc… It’s all an act. If it can be proved that there was one actor on the scene,  then we know its a SHAM. They want to take the guns away from the American public. PERIOD. Especially the automatic rifles that could actually protect you against these BASTARDS.  This gunman thing is a total joke. I’m not buying ANY of it. See You can’t believe anything on the news or any of the globalist  A-holes running this world. They are all actors! They are all Satan’s seed and related to each other. We need to call these actors out from under the carpet.If you have insider informatiom and/or were there you need to talk to ED CHIARINI aka  This shit has to stop. These lying bastards need to be hung for treason. They will exploit you and this staged event to the max and dupe the dumbass public once again for millions…This is their MO. They have NO SCUPLES. They are out and out LIARS and will play you emotionally to get your sympathy which they FEED off of and of course  your…. MONEY.  Take heed and wise up. The TRUTH is that this “SANDY” event  is a LIE.- Selah.