The Demise of America- the Word of YaHuWaH for 11-7-12 -The Book of Ezra

Well the SHAM election is now over and we are all LOSERS. (Both were pathetic shills) I spent about an hour this morning to see what YaHuWaH had to say about it. He kept leading me to passages about the walled city of Jerusalem. Today’s scripture was the entire book of Ezra. Now this book is all about the rebuilding and re-fortification of the gates and walls in the city of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captives were ALLOWED to go back.(There’s another whole message here…)

They got permission from the king, i.e Cyrus, (a type of YHWH) , to do so. (Like our 1st Amendment rights here) but several years later they ran into a snag when certain people objected and tried to undermine the project. (The ELITE, Socialist agenda). These scam artists went to the Jews first and tried to infiltrate them and exploit them for their own gain. When that failed and the Jews saw right through them, they approached the NEW king (THE OBAMINATION)) and fed him a bunch of flattery and put doubts into his mind as to the intentions of the Jews. They were wealthy local landowners, lawyers and stakeholders. (Banksters, Mobsters, Corporations, Unions, PAC’s). THEY told the new king (Obama) he was would be losing money, taxes, resources, and homage to let them continue to rebuild the temple and the worship center to YaHuWaH. After all- we can’t allow one group to prosper now over anyone else. We have to redistribute the wealth. We have to all coexist peacefully. We have to all agree. 501C3?  (You watch- He’s Going to go after BELIEVERS IN THE TRUTH FIRST. ie…Believers in the  “NARROW” WAY.) The Most High told me that this is nothing new under the sun. These scumbags have been around for thousands of years. ANYONE that tries to stop the Almighty’s Elect from “gathering together” and finishing HIS PLAN for our salvation and redemption & deliverance from this Evil Beast system  will be met with HIS Sovereign resistance. HIS WALLS. We ARE the TRUTH collectively in the Earth. We are the WALLS that are  withholding the EVIL BEAST system.  There is No rapture, no running away, no underground bunkers for us. He will SURROUND  and SUPPORT US and WE will encapsulate what’s REAL and TRUE.  That placid, weak, all loving, pie in the sky, name it and claim it, “GOD” (BAAL) portrayed in our apostolic Christian churches on Pagan SUNday is a LIE. Our Elohim, is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. If He’s not YOUR LORD,  you’re TOAST. PERIOD. There will be no One World Religion or New World Order. . He will DESTROY anyone that tries to touch his sealed ELECT. Got it??? WE are ON THE WALL and BEHIND THE WALL and we are ARMED with the righteousness of HIS HOLY COVENANT and SEAL. HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY ALMIGHTY KING.  Like the builders that were rebuilding the wall, we are preparing for HIS rightful seat on the throne in Jerusalem as HE is already seated on the throne of OUR HEARTS. The return of Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach is EMINENT. Get that false name JESUS out of your mouth. He is coming to DESTROY THE WICKED. We are to be encouraged, alert, and ready to answer any person with HIS TRUE NAME for that is where the power lies. That and the SWORD at our side which is the everlasting Word of YaHuWaH. The Jews were constantly having to defend their position in Jerusalem and still are. In Ezra they would be building with one hand while they had a sword in the other. They never even changed clothes!  They forgot about stupid mundane stuff. They barely took time to eat or sleep.  Well, WE are Spiritual Israel now and we will be called to DEFEND our FAITH here in America. This is NOT a land of the FREE. This is a land of bondage and there is no room for THE TRUE ELECT here in the “Holiday Inn” (with America the Harlot whore). Christians are no threat. It’s the people the speak the TRUTH  that they fear. Our Elohim  will surround us with HIS DIVINE WALL of protection though. He has already called us OUT OF BABYLON. (False Christianity). Our next phase is to REBUILD THE WALLS…I don’t know about you but my walls are a mess. There’s holes, scrapes, patches, digs, cracks, leaks, you name it…People trampling over them, etc… well Walls are made of STONE. Set your faces as FLINT among them.  Become IMPERVIOUS. Certain of us are SCOUTS. They have the skills to sneak away and coexist behind enemy lines for short periods of time. Others our SENTINELS or GUARDS. Others are to FORTIFY the foundations & stones from CRACKING UP!  Some are the CONCRETE.(prayer warriors)  Some specifically are GATEKEEPERS. (keep the Bastards & wolves  out–We will all be gifted with divine discernment as to WHO these SOB’s-SONS OF THE OBAMINATION, are). The New “King” would have been swayed to listen to the bastards EXCEPT that the DIVINE proclamation to let the Jews rebuild the CITY was WRITTEN DOWN in the previous King Cyrus’ ARCHIVES. Despite the fact that He wanted to appease the wealthy bastards he could not usurp the WRITTEN LAW. He was forced to unearth the forgotten scroll with the decree made by Cyrus. (also our  US Constitution would apply here.) Well, we have the DIVINE LAW WRITTEN on our hearts if you are THE ELECT. What Moses had in STONE is written inside of us who follow THE TRUTH. That and you have the SEAL OF THE KING now in your forehead. If YHWH be for us… WHO can be against us?

YaHuWaH will DESTROY anyone that gets in THE WAY of his ENDTIMELECT for HE and WE (as HIS BODY) , are  “THE WAY”.


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