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3/29/14. Shabbat Shalom. Praise YaHuWaH

We love Messenger of the Name! We are, however,  of the belief that the Ruach Ha’ Kodesh is indeed the feminine aspect of the one true Elohim.

She is also portrayed as WISDOM in the book of Proverbs.

We do NOT believe in the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Ruach Ha’ Kodesh are three different aspects of one and the same person.

See our teaching on the TREE OF LIFE and the Kabbalah

Superbowl Satanism

The Accursed thing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible. Joshua Chap. 7

The Accursed Thing

The Accursed Thing

There is nothing new under the Sun. Would you agree? (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

We already had a whole teaching about Baal-Peor that you should review before reading this!

Jericho was an adherent of this demon just as our country here in the USA is today. That was why YaHuWaH took it out in the first place. This demon will totally degrade a society so fast, such that it is un-redeemable. The story of Achan proves this point. The demon, Baal- Peor,  is such a seducing spirit that all’s it took was him gazing on it and that wedget eye had him. After Jericho fell, this guy decides he is going to hide some of the spoil in his tent. YaHuWaH separates the thieves out like a sieve down to the particular individual who stole the goods. He knows the number of hairs on our heads folks. You’re not gonna get one by on him. YaHuWaH calls  the stolen goods the “ACCURSED THING”. What on earth was it that  this guy and his whole family are slaughtered for with YaHuWaH’s blessing?

Well first off, they knew it was something valuable to the worship aspect of this particular demon. Achan says it was a goodly Babylonian fur garment. My guess would be a Jaguar pelt. Along with that, was a golden Tongue. Probably used in sexual acts with temple prostitutes, and lastly 200 pieces of silver. Probably the wages procured  by those same acts. All of it was deplorable and Achan had no excuse EXCEPT that he was already under the spell of the demon PRIOR to taking the items. YaHuWaH knows how this demon works, so there was no going back or repentance for this man and his family. They had been secret WORSHIPPERS of Baal-Peor all along as are many of you!

The next story is interesting as well, as Joshua decides to attack the city of AI, an AMORITE  town.  He sends out spies and the spies report that this is gonna be a piece of cake as there aren’t very many people in this town. 3000 Israelites should have no problem taking them. Too bad they weren’t human at all… They were A.I. all right…Artificial Intelligence and they managed to kill 36 people before the Israelites figured it out and got the hell out of there. They scared the crap out of the Israelites with their superhuman speed and abilities, so much so that it says their hearts MELTED like water.  AMORITES love I.T. Information Technology. We still have them today and YaHuWaH still hates them too. You see we have these same gods still fighting the same wars. Well, YaHuWaH takes them out with the Ark of the Covenant once again. (Nuclear bomb?) A group acts as decoy to draw them all out from their base station while another group comes up the back and burns the place to the ground. They manage to kill all 12,000 (False tribe) of the AI’s. ( So they can be killed with YaHuWaH’s divine help).  Joshua  hangs the AI leader, and then builds a stone monument over the top of him in the gate of the devastated city as a memorial for ever. YaHuWaH will bury any technology that will try to usurp his divine creation, folks.

These scientists with their  Higgs Boson particle, Beast computers, recombinant DNA, Transhumanism agenda, etc…are going to have to answer to their MAKER here shortly. You mess with YaHuWaH’s particles, genome, and creation and your ass will be burned and buried under a pile of rocks. History repeats itself. The Rock of Ages will not be mocked. He’s taken out whole cities and Nations for this stuff in the past and he’ll do it again.

America better wise up and get on her knees and repent. We’re next…

And the WALLS came a tumbling down…..SELAH.

The Story of Baalam and Balak- Numbers 22-25. An Invocation of Horus and Set.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

There is something apocalyptic about this story. We see the Illuminati use of this symbol everywhere. History as we know, repeats itself. I’m not going to go over all of it. You can read the story for yourself. We’ve already identified Baalam as Baal-peor. The Lord of the Opening.  He was not human folks. He was one of the fallen ones, hence of course he knew YaHuWaH. I think he was one of the group of “seven” which we touched on in the story of JOB as well. (The seven deadly sins LORDS- perhaps? The Seven Lords of Hell?) We have groups of 7’s and 3’s being seen a lot in this tale, so the numerology has to be significant here. Also the fact that it is written in Numbers chapter 22 is significant as there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and the first letter (Aleph) signifies the Apis (Apex) bull.

Baalam and Balak sacrifice bulls and rams on 3 different “High” places. We already know that YaHuWaH hates “high place” worship, so they aren’t worshiping him. Baal-Peor has 3 faces . You got it… One is the face of a man while the other two are a bull and a ram. He was sacrificing them to aspects of himself folks…They were also using some type of TRIANGULATION technology. You can bet your bottom dollar that the places were spatially in a pyramid or triangular configuration. Baalam was an Egyptian god and the son of Osirus. His other name was HORUS. So here we have EGYPT once again coming against ISRAEL.

We also have a party of three  riding along with the female donkey. (Baalam and two lads). A menage a trois. The three were riding    “the ASS”. This represents  Beastiality, Homosexuality,  and Pedophilia also. Baal-Peor also was known for this. The Ass was also a demi-god known as SET. So here we have Dawn and SunSET riding together and struggling at odds to get to Balak on the surface at ARNON.  Arnon means cleft also and is a physical gorge. A portal perhaps. This entire story is happening on a different dimension. Balak as King of the Moabites, was the one doing the conjuring of these demons. He too may have been a god with his princes and powers under him as well. A lessor god.

Everybody thought YaHuWaH was pissed because Balaam went with Balak and his princes without an invitation. No— he went with his female chimera god lover SET…and two juveniles. He didn’t go alone. He took another god and two replacement bodies in case their’s got killed on the 3D plane. He wasn’t planning on returning to hell. He was going to be the NEW DAWN. An abomination to YaHuWaH. The angel of  YaHuWaH wasn’t about to stand for that. He was going to kill him for that. It was a direct affront to YaHuWaH. Here we also have the use of selective cloaking technology by the angel as an act of angelic war. Baalam (DAWN) couldn’t see the angel,  but the donkey SET (DUSK) could. (infared vision?) Baalam also only had one eye. He also is know as HORUS- the DAWN. . The Wedget eye. The donkey was his lover SET who had been castrated. SET is depicted as a donkey or with the head of a donkey and also had the wedget eye.

In Egyptian mythology, Set is portrayed as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris. Osiris’ wife Isis reassembled Osiris’ corpse and resurrected him long enough to conceive his son and heir Horus. Horus sought revenge upon Set, and the myths describe their conflicts. The death of Osiris and the battle between Horus and Set is a popular theme in Egyptian mythology. The two became homosexual lovers and yet remained conflicted throughout their relationship. The whole scene is an invocation of these two demi-gods by Balak to do his bidding. I believe they are journeying through the passageways of hell to get to Balak on the surface. They want out,  hence they don’t care about gold and silver. They want to see 3D and have taken bodies to do so. Many ancient demi-gods had the wedget eye. It was passed down through the OSIRIS family.

Three times the Donkey is stopped by the angel. The first time “she” goes into the Field. (The Elysian fields which is a place of mystery knowledge).  He beats her with a WAND three times. This is a magical method being employed to gain her insight. A transference of power. Then she crushes Balaam’s foot against the wall. There is probably something significant about it being the foot here also, but I don’t know what that is. We know the word says the woman’s seed will crush his head and Satan’s seed will bruise the heel.  These are Satan’s seed. At any rate , at this stage they are in a tunnel, and the centrifugal force of the portal Whirlwind causes them to be pressed to the sides of the portal walls.  Finally, they come to the OPENING and she has to lie down. She is not the Lord of the OPENING… Baalam is… At this point, they cannot get out unless the angel guarding the portal opening allows it. They are let out– but only with directions not to “SPEAK” unless it is what YaHuWaH says.  They cannot speak against Israel or utter any curses against her. Quite frankly, those demons don’t care one way or another about Israel they just wanted out.

Balak may well represent a type of the Antichrist person at the end of time.  The one who will open the portal to hell and summon the demons found there to do his bidding once again against spiritual Israel. I think the story is a TYPE of this, and hence that is why we see it mentioned in the book of Revelation as well. We see through a glass darkly about this, but I just have a gut feeling about this and that is where all the magical workings of the evil ones in power will be concentrating there efforts in these end times.

The OPENING of the PORTALS will be implemented causing havoc and destruction of the earth.

There is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing new about HORUS and SET.

Baal- Peor and Ashtoreth Worship

Notice the OREO COOKIE he is standing on. This is once again the Black on White Illuminati encoding. This guy may look black on the outside but he is as white as that Oreo filling on the inside working for his Illuminati handlers. Also note the spinning “WORMHOLE” of women. Another signature of Baal-Peor on a 5D level. The Spiral Portal. It was also the way Lucifer found his way “IN” by perpetrating the  “Fall of Mankind” through the beguiling of the wOman through  Her Orifice.

Postscript> Note the PB letters on the Insignia. An Illuminati reversal reference to BP or Baal Peor. The Lord of the Opening.

Baal- Peor=Baalam= Chemosh=Shamosh=Horus =Jaguar Gods

Mylie Cyrus in  Baal-Peor Worship

Mylie Cyrus in
Baal-Peor Worship

Good Grief!! This Demon sure does get AROUND ROUND alright…

Baal- Peor is the Lord of the Opening. On a 3 D plane that is a Sexual Orifice.

On a 4D level it’s even more insidious. This DEMON looks for an OPENING into your soul and he STALKS you and then POUNCES when you never even knew he was around.

On a 5D level we are talking about a Galatic Worm HOLE. He operates on all these different planes you see…

Lets start with  3D ORAL SEX. In temple worship this was when the prostitutes would expose their vaginas and bottoms to be eaten for money, or they would perform oral sex on the males. It had to do with debasing the worshipper to lick or eat bodily waste fluids, both oral and anal.  Seeing that the female was the donor or performer, this had the effect of debasing the MALES, so it resulted in a false exaltation of the FEMALE making her in control and hence exalting POWER over the Male who was put into submission to her. She was elevated above the POLE ( i.e PENIS).  This was in direct violation of YaHuWaH’s divine order of the purpose of the Male/Female relationship, and therefore it was neither healthy nor virtuous but rather a ROLE REVERSAL of the sexes.  And a pretty disgusting one at that…The two could exchange roles also, with the POLE taking precedence as well, hence we have both male and female Ashtoreth. (Astarte being the female one.)

On a 4D level we have the one who stalks you behind the scenes. THE JAGUAR was this creature in the Mayan culture. The Ba’alam. If you notice many Mayan kings names end with Ba’alam. This is not by accident. The jaguar is what is known as a APEX predator. It has no known enemies that prey on it. It only preys on all other animals. It is a carnivore at the top of the food chain,  and it usually hunts at night by stealth.  Black Jaguars are known as Panthers, so we have the modern day reference to this by the name “BLACK PANTHERS”. The APEX also references the APEX as in a pyramid. (HORUS). Jaguars are capable of killing animals before they even know they are there. They are that fast. They also have a unique way of killing. They grab the HEAD and puncture the BRAIN with their teeth which can cut through even crocodile armor.  They eat the BRAIN FIRST.  (The pineal gland) Then they eat the Heart and Lungs. So they prefer the vital organs.  Another unique feature is that jaguars  get high on a psychedelic root in the wild. The Mayans mimicked this with their drinking of bark root concoctions for their rituals.  (BAL’ CHE- like” CHI” tea.) .Via this method , portals were opened whereby they believed the disembodied spirits could change into jaguars via shape-shifting and enter the 3D world.. The shamans were said to be able to do this as well, and thus the ancient  pictographs of leopard/jaguar spots can be seen on the Mayan subjects in the Mayan reliefs.  The MAYANS could very well be one of the lost tribes of Israel or Egypt. The ones that subverted to Babylonian and Egyptian mysticism.

On a 5D level Baal-Peor strives to gain an OPENING with YaHuWaH so he can attack his ELECT… Spiritual Israel. As Satan did with JOB, he  tries to outwit YaHuWaH to put him in an ethical bind so he has to make a decision which could be seen as harmful on first glance to the believer. As He can’t LIE or DO EVIL himself , but he may have the SCREWS put to him  by Ha Satan (Baal-Peor) to prove a righteous point. These being are PRINCIPALITIES remember. Like a good lawyer they try to prove their point at others expense and look for the weakest link in your life to do so. It’s like a LEGAL COURTROOM. Unfortunately, SEX is usually the OPENING we give to them. The LUSTS of the FLESH. Any kind of illicit sex, married or not, falls under this. ORAL SEX is NOT ordained of YaHuWaH folks.  Married, unmarried , gay or straight, its NOT OK.  It’s a perversion of the use of the OPENING. Mouths are for Eating, talking,  or kissing other mouths. Anuses are for pooping. PERIOD. Vaginas are for Penal penetration and procreation and vaginal pleasuring. PERIOD.  

The LORD of the OPENING is the LORD of LICENTIOUSNESS. Any opening is for any thing you please….

WELL NOT!    Says YaHuWaH! That’s why in Rev. 2:14  YaHuWaH  points this out about the Church of PERGAMOS. (Those who love PURGING. Those who infuse COLONICS!!). He’s not talking about sex outside of marriage. He is talking about ORAL SEX of any kind…. He’s talking about misuse of the intestinal tract also. UNNATURAL ELIMINATION. The doctrine of Baalam…

We’ll pick this up next time with the story of Baalam and Balak. It’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK or what you have been taught!

Who is Baal-Peor? Why does YaHuWaH detest Him?

YaHuWaH has directed me to expose this Demon for who and what he is. Baal-Peor is NOT what you think. He is insidious and rampart in our American Music Rock scene culture. This goes very deep and is in the Bible.  He is also very prominent in the Mayan Civilization.

We will be going into the book of Numbers and the story of Ba’alam and Ba’lak. Remember the talking donkey  (ass) scene???

This Fallen Angel has been around since antiquity.  This will BLOW YOUR MIND! It is so in your face in our society.

Or should I say,

it is so up your ass!!