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4/12/15 Are you ready for this???

Petri dish babies
YaHuWaH is about to blow my mind with this teaching.
I don’t understand how the pieces all fit together but they do!

We are going to go back to the original “SIN” in the bible. (SIN=one of Ha Satan’s Collective names).
The result of that SIN was that “EVE” (not her Hebrew name by the way- but given to her by SET as in Sun SET=SIN) was told that she would suffer pain in childbearing. Now why was that??

Also her SEED would be at enmity against Ha Satan’s SEED. Here we have TWO RACES of biological entities on the planet. Natural birth and UN-natural birth. The UN- (UN- get it?) birth being PAINLESS…The hybridization and genetic manipulation program unbeknownst to the woman going on under cover.

It’s still her SEED but it’s being HARVESTED.

Okay, So we have TWO RACES simultaneously being fabricated here. I want to talk about one person IN PARTICULAR now that illustrates this concept as it will BLOW YOUR MIND as it pertains to what is being referred to as the MAGOG WAR in the book of Revelation.

TUBAL-CAIN. Everybody questions why the hyphenated name?? Well it has NOTHING to do with his metallurgy skills per se…Only in the capacity of molecular biology and enzymatic co-factor reactions!!

He was a HYBRID. Tubal is another name for an ECTOPIC preganancy. The egg was not where it should have been!! It was outside the BODY!! It was mixed with CAIN’S sperm. Tubal-Cain was a son of Japheth but he was a petri dish baby! The bible says Naamah was his sister. SO??

Naamah appears in the Zohar as one of the mates of the archangel Samael (SATAN). She, along with her cohort Lilith, causes epilepsy in children. After Cain kills Abel, Adam separates from Eve for 130 years. During this time, Lilith and Naamah visit him and bear his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind.

Okay, so we have the two races being formed. Natural Adamic and Satanic. The Satanic ones bringing PLAGUES on the Earth in the form of Genetic anomalies and malfunctioning beings. This is only the beginning, folks


It is BIOLOGICAL HUMANS vs TRANS or ENGINEERED HUMANS (Satanists) and I’ll prove it!!

More to come…

Phineas and the staying of the Plague (the Cozbi “Lie” Trap)

Bootes, Arcturus, Judas Iscariot, and the Apostle Paul. Habakkuk Chap. 2



YaHuWaH has been nagging on me for three days to start talking about this— but I’ve been putting it off. I don’t know where He’s going with this as it is not clear to me. If you refer back to our Mazzaroth Post I posted last year you will see that this constellation, Bootes, has as it’s main star, Arcturus. The Bootes Constellation stands for “He who comes, also” so this person is not the Messiah but rather one who comes in the name of the Messiah or a false apostle perhaps? It also stands for he who guards the bears as they encircle  Polaris, the pole star. The Bear watcher. The bears as we mentioned in a prior post stood for Demeter’s daughter Callisto and her son Arcas, both having ties to Venus.

vs. 5- He transgresseth by wine. In Greek legend, Bootes is seen as representing Icarius, an Athenian who was taught the secret of winemaking by the god Dionysius.  Icarius  ( As in house of Judas Iscariot? ) then allowed some peasants to sample his produce, but his kindness back-fires. The men had become extremely drunk and were convinced that they had been poisoned, so they killed Icarius and buried him. His daughter Erigone and was so overcome with grief when she found his body that she hanged herself. Zeus transferred her to the heavens as Virgo, Icarius became Bootes, and Maera, the dog who had led Erigone to her father’s grave, became one of the Bootes canines.

vs 7- Bootes is the Shepard or Ploughman. He ploughs with the “Big Dipper” consisting of Ursa Major and chases the bears with the two dogs of Canes Vanatici. (Vatican?)   He carries a staff in one hand and a sword or sickle in the other. Arcturus is the star making up his knee or some say foot. Funny that the ‘apostle” Paul quotes Dionysius during his “conversion experience” on the road to Damascus. “Kicking against the pricks” is referencing the GOAD or stick used by a herdsman. It is used to keep the cattle or sheep in line.

The staff, ultimately figured as a Lance, gave rise to the name Al Ramih, which came into general use among the Arabians, but subsequently degenerated in early European astronomical works into Aramech, Ariamech, and like words for the constellation as well as for its great star .(Foundation for the word Aramaic?) This could also tie into the mythology of Sir Lance a Lot, as well, during king Arthur’s Knights of the Round ( zodiacal ) table.

vs 6. He that ladeth himself with thick clay. Clay is impervious to water. It holds water in vessels but it does not absorb water. It can carry the water (THE LIVING WORD)  but will never be one and immersed and enmeshed with it. During the age of Aquarius which we have now entered into, Earthen clay pots, clay tablets, etc, will be a prominent feature of the era. (i.e. Dead Sea Scrolls found in clay pots) Ganymede, the person depicted in Aquarius, which discussed in an earlier post on Pederasty,  is pouring the water out from an earthen clay jar. Clay also lacks certain metals but it is rich in Iron. The 10 toes of Daniel’s vision were iron mixed with clay, remember?

The Constellation Scorpio is also at play here. lambda Scorpii, the second brightest star in Scorpius  is also called Shaula (“the sting”- Paul’s original name was Shaul or Sheol of Tarsus). Scorpio is the sign of Judas Iscariot, as he kissed Yahushuwah with the stinging scorpion “kiss of death”. A scorpion sting mark looks like a kiss, hence the name. It is of no coincidence that the two constellations are related.  Lamb, duh?  is located at the end of the scorpion’s tail, marking the sting. Shaula is a multiple star, composed of a B-type subgiant, which is itself a triple star, and two fainter companions. (Timothy and Barnabas?) The primary star is classified as a Beta Cephei variable, a star that shows changes in luminosity because of pulsations on its surface. Shaula is approximately 700 light-years distant.

Paul, immediately after his conversion, goes to the House of Judas, remember? (Acts 9:11- I shit you not!) Didn’t you think that rather odd? It’s referencing Scorpio here..The House of Scorpio, the kiss of Death…Something is happening between Bootes and Scorpio in the heavens. Antares and Arcturus.

Arcturus is also associated with the Hermit in Tarot…Depicted wearing a cloak with a hood that covers him from head to feet; except for his face and hands he is completely undercover. Held up in his right hand is a lighted lantern, a walking stick in his left, with a serpent on the ground nearby. With his cane he taps and sounds out the earth as he advances slowly. Rather than kill the serpent he casts a spell on it so that it twirls around his stick suggesting that he works along with the lower energies. The lantern penetrates and searches out and reveals the inner quality of things, revealing just enough light and truth to be dangerous. He is an undercover agent working for and in sync with the snake!

Well that’s a start right now for this study on this topic. We’ll take this up again at a later time.

This is just food for thought for now…





12/30/14- The Rhema Word from YaHuWaH for 2015 – The Story of Gedaliah- Jer: 40-42

This Prophecy is fricking awesome! Please listen with your spiritual ears! The Rabbi here uses the name placeholder Ha’ Shem for YaHuWaH’s name, but he is right on with his knowledge of the Torah. This message is for the Elect or Tzedekim of YaHuWaH.

The ones who have suffered persecution your entire lives just for being born here.

Your redemption draweth nigh!

Hallelu YAH!

Astrotheology- The Procession Of the Equinoxes

YaHuWaH wants to show us how he has written his plan in the Stars. This ties in with the Mazzaroth teaching we did about a year ago. The Hebrew version does not match this Babylonian version, however, Now- I do NOT agree that the “bible” stories are mythology… rather they are instances where the plan has been and will continue to be manifested in 3D here on Earth. So, the story gets played out of many different levels here. (We talked about nested boxes of reality before as an example of how this plays out). From the microcosm of the human body, to the historical record, to the spiritual teachings, to our solar system and to our galaxy and other galaxies, there is a divine pattern to the whole process. It is the Tree of Life model. The numerology is all through the bible, and you will see the divine parallels that can be gleaned. This is an esoteric teaching, so take what you will from it. Some things may not fit your paradigm. Sirius- for one is not ISIS! That is YaHushuWaH- the bright and Morning Star! He is not Satan’s twin. Satan is his own twin, (Venus) so there are things I definitely disagree with with this video.  I think you’ll learn something though, as the heavens do indeed declare the glory of our Creator and you’ll be able to make connections. He SPOKE the universe into existence .  His name is Ya HU wah.   (The HU being the divine vibrational wave pattern! )

As above, so below applies to all of us. He who has ears to hear let him hear the wisdom of the ages.


The Death, Burial , and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meschiach)

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

YaHuWaH wants me to set the time table straight on the order for the occurrence of these events. Many believe “Jesus” was crucified on a Friday which just does not measure out for the three days that he had to lie dead in the belly of the earth.

If we review the events leading up to his crucifixion we will easily see that our Savior died on Thurs. Morning at 9AM. The Jewish “day” begins at 6pm or sundown. We know by the scripture that Mary Magdelene went to the tomb on the FIRST day of the week (SUNDAY), early before sunrise,  and found NO body in the tomb– so the “LORD” had risen sometime on SUNDAY.   (after 12 midnight Saturday evening, but before sunrise at 6am Sunday morning.)

Working backwards that means he was “DEAD” (body was dead and buried) on Saturday day, Friday day, and Thursday day. Another way of calculating this is that he was “DEAD” Thurs evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening if you are using the SOLAR calendar. (Saturday evening would go till midnight, so he arose sometime between midnight Saturday and 6AM Sunday morning!)

They were in the Garden of Gethsemane on WEDNESDAY evening when he gets betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrested. They were eating the Last Supper on a WEDNESDAY. This was NOT PASSOVER! Passover was two days ahead on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. (Jews in Jerusalem celebrate TWO DAYS for PASSOVER and YaHushuWaH was to be the PASSOVER LAMB!) Another reason he had to die on the Thursday so as to be prepared for the FRI & SAT PASSOVER feast days which would begin at 6pm Thursday!

He spends Weds. night being accused and tortured and they sentence him at 3AM Thursday morning. All of the crucifixion happens AT NIGHT. The SUN should have risen the next morning at 6AM but- IT DIDN”T! YaHushuWaH is on the “Tree” being crucified at 6AM-9AM. (there was no “Cross”.) The “TREE” represented  the TREE of LIFE. It was in the shape of a “T” not an “t”. (Stauros=POLE). Romans crucified people on a “T” shaped structure- NO CROSS!

Darkness is over the whole area till 9AM Thursday morning!! That is when YaHushWaH gives up His “Holy Spirit” (no Ghost!) and his physical body succumbs to death. GOD CAN’T DIE FOLKS! This furthermore shows us that we are NOT our bodies.  It was unusual that it was dark outside according to scripture, so it should have been daylight when he died. (If he died at 9pm this would not have been the case!)

They spend Thursday day preparing him for burial and entomb him before 6pm on Thursday.

Hence, he is in the belly of the earth

THREE  LUNAR ” JEWISH DAYS”- Thursday eve, Friday eve, and Saturday evening,        AND

THREE SOLAR  “GREGORIAN DAYS”- Thursday day, Friday day, and Saturday day.

I hope this clears up the confusion. YaHuWaH knows how to count…..

It’s too bad people, scholars and the “CHURCHES” don’t.


The Most Righteous King that EVER lived- The Story of King Josiah. II Chron. 33-35

Everyone thinks that God’s favorite Kings were King David or King Soloman but the bible says differently. God’s Favorite King was King JOSIAH. At only eight years old he became King of Judah. That would be like making a second grader president of the United States! Furthermore, Josiah came from a lineage of BAD KINGS. EVIL KINGS. His  grandfather was King Manassah whom YaHuWaH despised.  Manassah sold out the Jews. He was a traitor to God’s people. He was the son of King Hezekiah and as such he had no excuse. He re-instituted Pagan polytheistic worship and child sacrifice. He is also thought to have been the murderer of the prophet Isaiah.  His son Amon took over the kingdom upon his death but only reigned for two years. He too was evil and was murdered by his own contemporaries. That left little Josiah at eight years old to take over the Kingdom.

Josiah had help though. He had Godly men and women around him. Hilkiah the High priest, which we wrote about earlier was one of them.Hilkiah discovers a secret scroll hidden in the temple and has it read to King Josiah by his scribe. Josiah is so moved by YaHuWaH’s testimony in the scroll that he rents his garments and truly mourns for the sins of his people and their backslidden ways. He TURNS EVERYTHING AROUND. This is true repentance. He tears down all the High pagan places of worship and destroys everything associated with them including their priests. He has the biggest PASSOVER celebration known to the history of mankind.  He begins repairing the Temple in Jerusalem. He destroys Topheth, which was a place where they sacrificed children to Molech and Baal outside the city in the Valley of Hinnom. This place was a real thorn in YaHuWaH’s side as he NEVER ALLOWED for the SLAYING OF INNOCENTS. YaHuWaH says that thought  had never entered his mind as a form of worship. It was insideous. Topheth equates with Gehenna and Hell because they continually burned the dead carcasses there, and  furthermore it must of stank the high heavens!

Finally he made the entire nation take an oath of alligience and covenant with YaHuWaH… PUBLICALLY.

So Josiah did all of the right things. He was a Just KING. So what happened to him?

This is where the paradox comes in. He gets wounded in the battle of MEGGIDO.

He is taken back to Jerusalem and he dies.


Prior to this battle, he consults with the prophetess Huldah and his overseers as to what to do? Huldah in an interesting character as well. She is a collegiate person. Very well learned in TORAH and a confirmed PROPHETESS. The men are consulting a WOMAN, folks. This kind of throws the whole women are not to speak in the church (Paul heresy) or to usurp a Man’s authority to the way side. (SORRY GUYS!)

She tells him that YaHuWaH is going to Judge Judah big time. DESTROY HER for her abominations. Just saying your sorry and it won’t happen again ain’ t gonna cut it with God. The WAGES of SINNING is DEATH. Sin and death go hand in hand. The SIN follows generationaly, as well. FOR FOUR GENERATIONS. Josiah was only the 2nd  generation after the SINS of Manassah!  He still had to pay that PIPER! (satan) . YaHuWaH promises Josiah though that he will not witness this destruction and that he will die in Peace. He does. He dies and is buried in the CITY OF PEACE, (Jerusalem),  unlike his father and grandfather. Manassah (his grandfather) was buried in his own garden at Uzza.(where have we heard that word before? Al Uzza. ) while Amon, (his father) was buried in his own house!

Josiah was buried with his spiritual father, DAVID.

So where did he go wrong? Why did God speak to King Necho of Egypt to go fight the Babylonians?  Josiah didn’t give up his politics! He was still sided with Babylon politically. He couldn’t stay out of it. He was meddling where he didn’t need to. At this stage of the game it really was beneath him to do so. Spiritually speaking he had come out of Babylon but in a practical earthly sense he hadn’t… He was still trying to play KING OF JUDAH. YaHuWaH didn’t tell him to go to battle.


Let the HEATHEN fight their own battles amongst themselves! You stay out of it. That goes for joining the military in the here and now too. If your in the military you need to get out as soon as you can. It is NOT OF GOD.

Babylon will always be here until YaHuSuWaH returns to utterly destroy HER. And that could be sooner than we think! It could very well be in our lifetime! King Necho was being used of YaHuWaH for a specific purpose. He wasn’t saved. He was a tool. Satan could have told him to go to Meggido for all we know. . At any rate Josiah ends up being

the PASSOVER LAMB that is slain.

It is a “TYPE”  of what is to come with Messiach being OUR PASSOVER LAMB. The LAMB OF GOD. Furthermore, it shows us that the ELECT will not “SEE” this destruction. They will be carried to Jerusalem in the “2nd Chariot”. Josiah is wounded in one chariot and moved to another CHARIOT and taken to Jerusalem out of the battle.  Very interesting imagery Indeed! Maybe even crossing dimensions…

The final battle of MEGGIDO…Better known nowadays as the Battle of Armageddon will also involve much sacrifice. Millions will be slain in this end times massacre. Without the shedding of blood there is no REMISSION of SIN. SIN’s MISSION is to KILL YOU SPIRITUALLY. To re- MISSION SIN (SIN=ha Satan) and sidetrack him from his main mission, Blood must flow.  It’s not YaHuWaH that wants Blood to Flow. It’s SATAN. To appease and redirect him and his main intentions, that’s what has to happen. He does God’s dirty work if you will.  The WAGES have to be paid. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT that you accept the WAGE PAYER…YaHuShuWaH. He paid the debt but he only paid for those that ACKNOWLEDGE the fact….Those That call upon HIS NAME. The Divine name. YaHuWaH.

Those that appropriate HIM into the equation.

YaHuWaH was and is YaHushuWaH in Human form!

He paid it himself, as only HE COULD. He was and is the I AM . The ONLY WAY.

Won’t you Call upon his NAME and commit to HIS WAY today?  It’s HIS NARROW WAY or the broad highway folks,

and that road leads to  spiritual death. Choose today who you will serve!!


The Messengers Of YaHuWaH- The Book of Malachi (Pleural for Malak)

Don't shoot the messenger

YaHuWaH has asked me to teach on this small “Minor” prophet book which is the last book of the “Old” Testament.

First off,

Malachi was not a “person”. This is a group of Messengers or Malak. The ENDTIMELECT. The book was strategically placed at the “END” of the testament because it will mark the ENDTIMES. We will go through each of the four chapters briefly, so that we can see what this group brings to the table and what their function is.

Chapter 1-Here we see the Malak talking to Israel, hence the Malak are NOT Israel. The Malak point out that YaHuWaH does CHOOSE whom He loves. He says He hates ESAU and EDOM and that they have been given over to the DRAGONS. (The VRIL LIZARDS running the Earth.) YaHuWaH has indignation against them FOREVER. They can not be saved… They are not part of His plan… He has NO PART in them… He will destroy anything they try to establish here on the Earth. PERIOD.

He does not accept their offerings, religious acts and ceremonies, religious holidays, sacrifices or prayers. The GENTILES are in better standing with YaHuWaH than this group of self-righteous religious Edomites.  They do not know HIS NAME or PROFESS HIS NAME.  His name is to be professed even among the heathen. He mentions sacrificing the lame, sick and infirm on the altar, thinking it will please God. Thinking they are helping the sick and infirm with their PHARMACON, and scientific experimentation. The SHRINERS come to mind. (33rd degree freeMasons) .That they are somehow earning points with the Almighty. They aren’t.

Chap 2-This chapter is directed at the Levitical priesthood.  The ones who do not profess his HOLY NAME…YaHuWaH. They substitute Adonai or Hashem for the Sacred name. YaHuWaH basically says he will leave them shit-faced! He curses their solemn feasts. The true Levite fears YaHuWaH and knows His name. His job was to judge equitably and in TRUTH and the WORD of YaHuWaH is perpetually on his lips. He turns many away from their iniquities. He is a MALAK par excellence.

The 2nd part deals with his marriage to a STRANGE WOMAN, the daughter of a STRANGE god.  Now who might that be? Who have we been discussing for weeks on end? Duh, ISIS? YaHuWaH says he will cut off ANY man that does this, both the master and the scholar… They know better. They know who that whore is and how she came out of Babylon.  They have forsaken the wife of their youth. The wife of the COVENANT. The Ruach Ha’ Kodesh. They have blasphemed her in lieu of  chasing after this harlot.   As above so below. Divorcing your earthly wives for another down the road goes hand in hand with this teaching. Trade her in for a younger, fresher model… You get the picture.

Finally, calling EVIL GOOD is part and parcel of the times we are living in now… Asking “Where is God? Why isn’t he doing anything? Is God dead? These are all indicators we are living in the End of Days…

Chap 3- This talks about the 2nd coming of YaHuWaH. The one who will be like a refiner’s fire. He will purge the dross from the silver and gold. He will restore judgement  and will bear witness against the sorcerers, the adulterers, liars,  and cheats. He is the Elohim that does not change! He talks about being robbed from His tithes and offerings by the whole nation!  We are to bring the tithes into the storehouse. The tithe was the FIRST FRUITS of your produce. It has nothing to do with M-O-N-E-Y. It has to do with your time, & productivity. Spending quality time with God while nurishing  and feeding your SOUL.

He rebukes the vain person who serves God for profit. The holier than thou types.  They that work iniquity and wickedness behind the scenes. Those who are partial in their judgments. The corrupt legal systems. Those that tempt and bribe God. He contrasts this group with the Elect who FEAR YaHuWaH and reverence HIS NAME. Those whose names he has written in his BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE.  They are his jewels and they shall be spared in that DAY OF HIS DIVINE JUDGEMENT.  The two groups will be separated and it will be self-evident as to  who belongs to which group.

Chap 4- Finally, chap 4 deals with the DAY OF THE LORD.  How the wicked will be burnt up as stubble.  The ELECT will tread them under foot. The Towrah which was given to Moses still stands. It is an eternal document. Elijah shall come again before this day.   The Spirit of Elijah shall turn many back to the Towrah and the heritage of Israel, and the teachings and the statutes and judgements of YaHuWaH, which are eternal and forevermore. This is the calling of the ELECT… In the Spirit of Elijah we proclaim the TOWRAH WORD and the SACRED NAME.





Who is Allah? Is he the god of the bible? Nope.



YaHuWaH has instructed me to talk about these old Middle Eastern dieties and who they are and how they are related. It all started out when he pointed out the word SIN to me. So we all know that Sin is “Missing the Mark” of being in right standing with God Almighty, but there is much more to it that that. Back before Moses was given the Torah, there were basically TWO dieties worshipped. The Egyptians worshipped the SUN while the Sumerians and Babylonians worshipped the MOON. We’ve all heard of the ANNUNAKI, right? The main players consisted of ANU (heaven), ENKI or EA (Water, Earth) and Enlil (Sky, Air). ANU was actually God of the eccliptic dome while Enlil was heaven/sky and Enki was earth and underworld. This was the first TRINITY. Anu had three wives also and the KI was the Earth one. (KI means Earth) . Hence the Annuna KI. These were also the ELOHIM or SONS of GOD that got the boot from heaven…

Well the Arabs came up with their own version based on the Sumerian version. In ancient Syria and Canna, the Moon-god Sin was usually represented by the moon in its CRESCENT phase. The sun-goddess was the wife of Sin (Venus) and the stars were their daughters. For example, Ishtar was a daughter of Sin.

The archaeological evidence demonstrates that the dominant religion in Arabia was the cult of the moon-god. The Old Testament consistently rebuked the worship of the moon-god (Deuteronomy 4:19; 17:3; II KIngs 21:3,5; 23:5; Jeremiah 8:2; 19:13; Zephaniah 1:5). When Israel fell into idolatry, it was usually to the cult of the moon-god, SIN. Remember the Golden Calf?

He was also depicted as the son of Enlil, the BULL OF HEAVEN, . Many scholars have also noticed that the moon-god’s name, Sin, is a part of such Arabic words as “Sinai”, the “wilderness of Sin”, and so forth. On our modern news we have the Yazedi cult stranded on MT. SIN JAR. (Yazedi’s believe they are Adam’s offspring but not Eve’s. They believe they came from a JAR Adam possessed.The SIN JAR perhaps? )

According to numerous archeological inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was al-ilah, i.e. “the deity,” meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods. The god Il or Ilah was originally a phase of the Moon God. The Moon-god was called al- ilah, i.e. the god, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times standing for the CRESCENT phase of the MOON! It is now on their flag along with Venus the Morning Star. (Luciferian)

We already discussed his three daughters in a previous post. These three goddesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. Al-Uuzza, is still worshipped as the black stone (meteorite) in MECCA. The pagan Arabs even used Allah in the names they gave to their children. For example, both Muhammad’s father and uncle has Allah as part of their names. The fact that they were given such names by their parents proves that Allah was the title for the moon-god even in Muhammad’s day.

The pagan Arabs worship the Moon-god Allah by praying toward Mecca several (5=pentagram) times a day; making a pilgrimage to Mecca; running around the temple (backwards) of the Moon-god called the Kabah; kissing the black stone; killing an animal in sacrifice to the Moon-god; throwing stones at the devil; fasting for the month which begins and ends with the crescent moon; giving alms to the poor, etc.

There are four interesting parallels with Islam here: (a) Akhenaton made the male sun-god the one and only god of Egypt, while (b) Muhammad made the male moon-god the one and only god of the Arabs. Neither god remotely resembled the God of the Bible, both being pagan deities borrowed from polytheistic religions.

SIN (derived from Suen, was also called NANNA. Nanna is a Sumerian deity, the son of Enlil and Ninlil. NANNA or Su’en (SIN) is due to association with Akkadian na-an-na-ru “illuminator, lamp”, an epitheton of the moon. He is commonly designated as En-zu, which means “lord of wisdom”. His wife was Ningal (“Great Lady”), who bore him Utu/Shamash (“Sun”) and Inanna/Ishtar (the goddess of the planet Venus).

Sin had a beard made of lapis lazuli and rode on a winged bull. The bull was one of his symbols, through his father, Enlil, “Bull of Heaven”, along with the crescent and the tripod (which may be a lamp-stand). On cylinder seals, he is represented as an old man with a flowing beard and the crescent symbol. In the astral-theological system he is represented by the number 30 and the moon.

The 33rd degree of freemasonry also ties in with this. They are all Muslims at this level. Shriners have to be 32nd degree freemasons as well. Islam is the antichrist religion. They are worshipping SIN or LUCIFER. We talked about the Catholic Church doing this as well with VENUS WORSHIP and Dianna. It’s all the same PAGANISM. This is Babylon the Great. THe WHORE of many names and religions. It is all Luciferian. They are ALL FALLEN ONES. Furthermore, They had their own progeny. The children of the Nephilim.

YaHuWaH’s children were Adamic. They are the seed of Abraham. They are of the order of Melchizedek of SALEM.
This order was of a prior earth age before the flood in Genesis. Mel chi stands for MILKY WAY GALAXY. Melchizedek was/is The High priest of EL Elyon or the Most High God, YAHUWAH. He is none other than YaHuShuWaH or Jesus the Christ! The WAY. The MELCHI WAY. Our Elohim created and designed the Milky WAY Galaxy for us!
This is the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. It is the part of the MAZZAROTH that concerns US. All of these other created beings (demigods) were still part of HIS DESIGN. MELCHI also means DARK, MILKY, Murky WAY. Dark rift?

We only can “SEE” in part. We “SEE” through a glass darkly. We are situated in a “MILKY WAY” Galaxy. Can you see how YaHuWaH has corrulated HIS WORD and written our destiny in the Heavens? We serve an awesome Elohim.
The one who made Heaven and Earth. His name is YaHuWaH. Allah is just a phase of the MOON. The Crescent MOON.
A created heavenly body. He is not god. He is SIN- the Illuminator. He is Nanna, the false parent/nurturer. He is a hermaphrodite- Venus/Hesperus. Diana/Apollo. Daystar/Evening star.

He is a LIAR and the Father of it.


8/10/14- Sounding off in an Insane World

Jael murders Sisera

Jael murders Sisera

I just want to interject my opinion here at what appears to be a complete unraveling of our society as we know it. This is all by design of course. Like you, I’m sure , I am feeling totally over-whelmed right about now, as to the state of affairs in our world and the constant barrage of horrible news coming off of our television screens. I had to take a break for a day to gather my thoughts and to remind myself that nothing can happen without YaHuWaH’s permission, so this must all have a place in his End Times plan.

So far, we have some pretty significant wars in the Middle East and in the Ukraine.  I don’t really understand the whole Ukrainian thing, quite frankly. I think the MH17 crash was a FALSE FLAG operation. I never got the feelings about that crash that I did for the MH370 disappearance. There were too many conflicting stories about MH17 and even to the point of some eye witnesses saying they were dummies on board. New passports being seen taken out of a van and being strewn on the ground …The whole thing being staged…

The Hamas-Israel conflict got the brunt of my attention last week seeing as Jerusalem is the apple of YaHuWaH’s eye and future location of his kingdom here on Earth. The “Palestinians” (there is no such race of people) have no claim to that land, as it was given to the Jews by God himself when he told Moses to go there and take possession of Canaan. They are the squatters, That’s not to say that we should murder innocent civilians for being displaced, but ISLAM is a menace to society and should be OUTLAWED. There are NO GOOD MUSLIMS. If they follow the Koran then they want you DEAD if you are not a Muslim. Mohammed killed and tortured anyone that did not convert just as ISIS is doing now in Iraq, They rape and pillage the women and children and brutally behead the males and starve the elderly to death. This is exactly what they are doing in Iraq now to the Yezidi tribes and to Iraqi Christians AND to any Shite Muslims also I might add.  These people are BARBARIANS. The RED Horsemen.

Next we move to the whole EBOLA nightmare. Here we have the Nightmare beginning her work, bringing plague to the four corners of the Earth. The Black Horseman. Bringing those two Americans back to a public facility in the United States is a CRIME against Humanity. They had no right to do that. The ONLY method of containing this virus is QUARANTINE. You think they are going to tell you when hospital workers start getting sick in Atlanta? You gotta be kidding me! This is about PHARMACON running the show. They don’t give a rat’s ass about those people… Just how they can profit from it. Mad scientists. And whatever you do..DON”T TAKE ANY OF THEIR FUCKING VACCINES! They want to kill you!

It’s really depressing to say the least. So what do we do? Well I asked YaHuWaH the same thing. Being type “A”,  I’m a doer. I can’t stand sitting by and watching this shit as the world goes to hell and a hand basket. That’s when he assured me that HE HAS MY BACK. It’s not my problem. I am to stay close to him and stay under his “WINGS” of protection. Nothing shall in any means hurt those that belong to him. But you say… They are murdering Christians!!

Well guess what? Christians aren’t part of the covenant. They follow PAUL not YaHuWaH. I told you before to get out of those PAGAN CHRISTMAS/EASTER/ISHTAR following “CHURCHES”.

You have to be grafted into the covenant- the ONE and ONLY Covenant that YaHUWaH presented to Moses on Mt Sinai. THE TOWRAH.  The Torah is the WORD, just as YaHuShuWaH was/is the living embodiment of the WORD. He said he would write the WORD INSIDE OF US if we belong to him. It’s still the SAME WORD. IT never changed. Paul’s words are of the devil,  his Father. He discarded the Torah with his doctrine of GRACE (Gratia) & FAITH (Fides) based on the Muses or Charities. It’s not the same god. They were the daughters of Semiramis or ISIS. So here we come back around to ISIS (The queen of heaven) demanding her BLOOD sacrifices.

There is nothing new under the sun, folks. These demonic demigods know their time is short. They want BLOOD and lots of it.  They appear as angels of light to deceive the nations. Both Paul and Mohammed were deceived in this manner. Paul saying that “Jesus” spoke to him while Mohammed met with “Gabriel”.  Both are LIARS. Wise up. If what they say does not line up with the TOWRAH then then are false prophets.  YaHuWaH is not interested in RELIGION or in Religious followings or starting “Churches”. He HATES RELIGION. He wants a relationship with his children and a FAMILY. He is our PARENT (Our Father) not our LORD. 

If someone is trying to FORCE YOU to join them and their cause or be killed this is of the DEVIL.

Why can’t these Muslims see that? Are they that blinded? I guess so. And you Muslim women..are you CRAZY?? What the hell is wrong with you supporting a Religion where your on par with LIVESTOCK? Muslim women can turn this around. They can be like JAEL. They need to take off that hijab shit and take a feminine stand. Allah ain’t gonna mind, cause he doesn’t exist ladies. It’s all to CONTROL YOU.

I’m just fed up with all of this bullshit. It’s time we SANE people take a stand and say enough is enough…We can’t let these crazies run the world… 


       You were a pussy when YaHuWaH told you to go fight Sisera. Now grow some balls and go get those fricking ISIS radicals or YaHuWaH  will send a woman once again to go do it for you!