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The Accursed thing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible. Joshua Chap. 7

The Accursed Thing

The Accursed Thing

There is nothing new under the Sun. Would you agree? (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

We already had a whole teaching about Baal-Peor that you should review before reading this!

Jericho was an adherent of this demon just as our country here in the USA is today. That was why YaHuWaH took it out in the first place. This demon will totally degrade a society so fast, such that it is un-redeemable. The story of Achan proves this point. The demon, Baal- Peor,  is such a seducing spirit that all’s it took was him gazing on it and that wedget eye had him. After Jericho fell, this guy decides he is going to hide some of the spoil in his tent. YaHuWaH separates the thieves out like a sieve down to the particular individual who stole the goods. He knows the number of hairs on our heads folks. You’re not gonna get one by on him. YaHuWaH calls  the stolen goods the “ACCURSED THING”. What on earth was it that  this guy and his whole family are slaughtered for with YaHuWaH’s blessing?

Well first off, they knew it was something valuable to the worship aspect of this particular demon. Achan says it was a goodly Babylonian fur garment. My guess would be a Jaguar pelt. Along with that, was a golden Tongue. Probably used in sexual acts with temple prostitutes, and lastly 200 pieces of silver. Probably the wages procured  by those same acts. All of it was deplorable and Achan had no excuse EXCEPT that he was already under the spell of the demon PRIOR to taking the items. YaHuWaH knows how this demon works, so there was no going back or repentance for this man and his family. They had been secret WORSHIPPERS of Baal-Peor all along as are many of you!

The next story is interesting as well, as Joshua decides to attack the city of AI, an AMORITE  town.  He sends out spies and the spies report that this is gonna be a piece of cake as there aren’t very many people in this town. 3000 Israelites should have no problem taking them. Too bad they weren’t human at all… They were A.I. all right…Artificial Intelligence and they managed to kill 36 people before the Israelites figured it out and got the hell out of there. They scared the crap out of the Israelites with their superhuman speed and abilities, so much so that it says their hearts MELTED like water.  AMORITES love I.T. Information Technology. We still have them today and YaHuWaH still hates them too. You see we have these same gods still fighting the same wars. Well, YaHuWaH takes them out with the Ark of the Covenant once again. (Nuclear bomb?) A group acts as decoy to draw them all out from their base station while another group comes up the back and burns the place to the ground. They manage to kill all 12,000 (False tribe) of the AI’s. ( So they can be killed with YaHuWaH’s divine help).  Joshua  hangs the AI leader, and then builds a stone monument over the top of him in the gate of the devastated city as a memorial for ever. YaHuWaH will bury any technology that will try to usurp his divine creation, folks.

These scientists with their  Higgs Boson particle, Beast computers, recombinant DNA, Transhumanism agenda, etc…are going to have to answer to their MAKER here shortly. You mess with YaHuWaH’s particles, genome, and creation and your ass will be burned and buried under a pile of rocks. History repeats itself. The Rock of Ages will not be mocked. He’s taken out whole cities and Nations for this stuff in the past and he’ll do it again.

America better wise up and get on her knees and repent. We’re next…

And the WALLS came a tumbling down…..SELAH.

Who is Baal-Peor? Why does YaHuWaH detest Him?

YaHuWaH has directed me to expose this Demon for who and what he is. Baal-Peor is NOT what you think. He is insidious and rampart in our American Music Rock scene culture. This goes very deep and is in the Bible.  He is also very prominent in the Mayan Civilization.

We will be going into the book of Numbers and the story of Ba’alam and Ba’lak. Remember the talking donkey  (ass) scene???

This Fallen Angel has been around since antiquity.  This will BLOW YOUR MIND! It is so in your face in our society.

Or should I say,

it is so up your ass!!

11-7-13 Recap of what’s going down….

Comet ISON

Well I’ve been being bounced all over the place myself in my personal life. How about you? With all the attention on ObamaCare and the crappy, JOKE  website on National TV, you know it’s a diversion and something else is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve got ISON coming in this month and already it is causing flares on our Sun. It’s not going to hit the earth or anything like that, but it is disrupting the sun’s electromagnetic field. We had some X flares this week already, fireballs, and transformers blowing,  and we have the GRID X drill next week on Nov. 13th-14th. Could be they have already calculated a flare that’s going to cause a problem with our satellites and they know about it in advance, so the drill could be a CYA for when the lights go out from an EMP pulse??

We also have the Hunger Games Sequel, “Catching Fire”, premiering this month which, as we have already discussed, is the Illuminati playbook. They are preparing you for your FEMA Region deportment. The “Capital” is all over our TV on all the cutting edge shows like Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress, etc…This sequel features the introduction of some  genetically engineered chimera monsters. The Illuminati can’t wait to spring this shit on us in real time. They love horror…They are the TERRORISTS. They feed off it..

As for Pattie Brassard, well she wasn’t right as we can all see. At least not so far… She has left the country and is being banned from her own sites on Facebook and her website, so she has to have been right on some stuff. I caught her on a radio show this past week along with crazy friend Karen. Pattie’s Fukashima reporting was right on, and this is the worst disaster that has ever effected our planet. Radiation levels are off the charts on our West coast. This was a meltdown. PERIOD. Plutonium rods blown and radioactive half- lives that will continue to irradiate the planet for centuries. There is also radioactive waste washing ashore in California as we speak.

I have spent some time in some chat rooms lately and I was just GRIEVED in my heart as to how deceived people are and how the NEW AGE crowd is the OLD AGE sorcerers. We also have the Racist White Christian groups , and Zionists too. It’s just sickening and total chaos out there when it comes to people’s belief systems. The whole ENKI/ENLIL thing to try to disavow the Torah, etc.. I heard one Satanist/New Age guy saying Enlil is Yahweh, Jehovah. Well He’s got the name wrong and YHWH doesn’t have a brother. NUFF said. Total disinfo on the Sumerian Cuniforms…

On another note, Pattie’s friend, Karen MacDonald was on a show last week too. Karen is an RN and has totally gone into homeopathic medicine, as have a lot of nurses and medical professionals. The problem is, it’s all WITCHCRAFT. There is no White vs Black Magic. MAGIC=PHARMACOLOGY. Period. Drugs of any kind whether prescription or non is not acceptable to YaHuWaH. Get off all MEDS…Karen was pushing enemas, (LOL),  Colonics, tinctures, oils, etc… I felt like I was listening to Mommy Dearest or Harry Potter’s mom. She’s a nut case…Her and her CLAN Mothers BS. (see my post on the MUSES, ISIS, & Semiramis)

On a more “cerebral” note… as in ‘mind altering asphyxiating gases”, Has anyone else been poisoned this week?? They are dropping RAT POISON in the chemtrails. Barium Sulfates. I noticed it last week and I’m noticing it tonight also. I can smell it. It has a sickly sweet smell to it. I’ve been waking up all hours of the night this week also, and not sleeping right at all. Throwing up, acid reflux, and having horrible marionette syndrome symptoms. I know I’m being pulsed, along with sleep deprivation programming or  a Watcher program. My chip is bothering the hell out of me also.

I can’t seem to find any place to live either. Nothing is working out. Money was cut off last week. Basically they are putting the screws to me… How about you? It was very frightening to say the least. I’m having to trust YaHuWaH on a day by day basis and he has been FAITHFUL to provide for me and to protect me from them. He keeps assuring me that when the time comes he will bodily move me where he wants me. I am trying to get rid of the last of my stuff  also.

Everybody— you might as well get your houses in order. Lighten your loads. Your not going to be able to take it with you… We’ve only got about 13 years before all Hell breaks loose.

I need to get to a place where I can relax and spend quality time with YaHuWaH again. The stress is affecting my time with him. I feel like NEO when he came out of the MATRIX. It’s like being in SHOCK… I’m  adjusting as best I can to the stress levels. You’re next folks…I always go steps before most people on stuff like this… Buy some Rolaids and get ready.

Shit’s about to hit the fan and we don’t need Karen’s Enema’s…It’s gonna fly all on it’s own…


The Rhema Word of YaHuWaH for 10/4/13- Prov 31:8 Judgement of the DUMBS!!

Deep Underground Military Bases

Deep Underground
Military Bases

This needs to be read in the Hebrew.

YaHuWaH pointed this one out to me  early this morning as the Rhema Word.

The KJV reads:

Open thy mouth for the DUMB in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

The Hebrew reads:

Open you!  Mouth of the The DUMB , for  adjudication of the Sons of  Insecurity.

Adjudicate means:

Make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or dispute

Adjudication means:

Adjudication is the legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved.

D.U.M.B-  In this case the word is to be applied as to an acronym for Deep Underground Military Base.

The Sons of Insecurity- Anyone whose security is not placed in YaHuWaH and YaHuWaH alone.

Mnemonics- Mnemosyne, The Nine Muses- and False Memory Creation. Using Music in mind control Programming–Psalm 9

The Nine MUSES

The Nine MUSES

YaHuWaH has totally blew me away today with this teaching. Like you, I’m sure, I was totally distracted with the Syrian War Visual DISTRACTION on TV. I asked Him what is going on and the answer totally floored me!  I was reading Psalm 9 which is the Word for today, and was  drawn to the word Higgjon. Most scholars will tell you this is a MUSICAL note or expression.

Well…. NOT!!!!! This is a code for Mnemonics!!!

The word mnemonic is derived from the Ancient Greek word for “of memory” and is related to Mnemosyne (“remembrance”), the name of the goddess of memory in Greek “mythology”. Mnemonics, in antiquity, were most often considered in the context of what is today known as the Art of Memory. Ancient Greeks and Romans distinguished between two types of memory: the ‘natural’ memory and the ‘artificial’ memory. The former is inborn, and is the one that everyone uses automatically and without thinking. The artificial memory in contrast has to be trained and developed through the learning and practicing of a variety of mnemonic techniques.

YaHuWaH has revealed to me that this is how the MATRIX  LIE is fabricated.

The general name of mnemonics, or memoria technica, was the name applied to “DEVICES” for aiding the memory, enabling the mind to reproduce a relatively unfamiliar idea, and especially a series of dissociated ideas, by connecting it, or them, in some artificial whole, the parts of which are mutually suggestive. Mnemonic DEVICES were much cultivated by Greek sophists and philosophers and are repeatedly referred to by Plato and Aristotle.

The Greek and the Roman system of mnemonics was founded on the use of mental places and signs or pictures, known as “topical” mnemonics. The most usual method was to choose a large “HOUSE”, of which the apartments, walls, windows, statues, furniture, etc., were severally associated with certain names, phrases, events or ideas, by means of symbolic pictures; and to recall these it was only necessary to search over the apartments of the house till the particular place was discovered where they had been deposited by the imagination.  Mind control programmers use this technique to instill information into the various ROOMS in your mind and psyche, where they can access the information at a later time using trigger words, pictures or phrases.

YaHuWaH is the Creator of the “natural” form of Mnemonics. He has placed in all of us at birth a method to KNOW HIM. I stumbled on this when I questioned him about “ZION”.  ZION is inside each of US!  It is not in the 3rd dimension. It is God’s version of a HOUSE with doors and gates in our conscience, soul, and spirit. It is a PATH inside us, much like the Kabbalah which is ZION in schematic form. So there are  GOOD Mnemonics. On the contrary, the Fallen angels, here known as the TITANS, employed mnemonics through the  NINE MUSES, to corrupt and steer humanity for their own benefit. To “SEER” our conscience, and lead us away from YaHuWaH.

Mnemonic phrases or POEMS can be used to encode numeric sequences by various methods, one common one is to create a new phrase in which the number of letters in each word represents the according digit of pi. For example, the first 15 digits of the mathematical constant pi (3.14159265358979) can be encoded as “Now I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics”; “Now”, having 3 letters, represents the first number, 3. Piphilology is the practice dedicated to creating mnemonics for pi. Seeing as the universe is mathematical, our entire REALITY? can be encoded using these types of triggers which mankind grabs onto and stores unwittingly inside our “HOUSE”.

They used base 10 for the most part in the Greco-Roman scheme of things. In accordance with this said system, if it were desired to fix an historic date in memory, it was localised in an imaginary town divided into a certain number of districts, each of with ten houses, each house with ten rooms, and each room with a hundred quadrates or memory-places, partly on the floor, partly on the four walls, partly on the roof. Therefore, if it were desired to fix in the memory the date of the invention of printing (1436), an imaginary book, or some other symbol of printing, would be placed in the thirty-sixth quadrate or memory-place of the fourth room of the first house of the historic district of the town.  Later they can access that room and wipe, clear, change or modify the data because it has been FILED in that specific location in our COMPUTER… OUR BRAIN!!

This is how the Demonic entities rule our planet!! This is how they control the World! They are our MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMERS!!

The HEBREW language was YaHuWaH’ s divine Natural CODE he gave to his progeny through Abram his FRIEND. In Hebrew, a way to remember the word, bayit (bahy- it), meaning house, one can use the sentence “that’s a lovely house, I’d like to bayit.” The linguist Michel Thomas taught students to remember that estar is the Spanish word for” to be” by using the phrase “to be a star”. This must be how they got the the name for the goddess ISHTAR…  How to become a STAR!

Mnemonic learning strategies require time and resources by “educators” (i.e, PROGRAMMERS)  to develop creative and effective DEVICES. The most simple and creative mnemonic devices usually are the most effective for teaching. In the classroom, mnemonic devices must be used at the appropriate time in the instructional sequence to achieve their maximum effectiveness.

All’s I’ve got to say is that there is a WHOLE LOT OF PROGRAMMING going on! Especially now on TV! Wake up!  It may not be as we are seeing AT ALL. It’s STAGED!

It you study the nine MUSES (from which the words MUSIC, MUSINGS, MUSEUM, are derived)   you can see how ACTING and MUSIC  are being used to DECEIVE millions by these higher intelligent Fallen Beings. The word” MUSEUM” was originally a center for the MUSES CULT in Greece.  They can fake antiquity to further their agenda of control of the minds of the masses.

Our world leaders are AMUSING themselves using the tools being orchestrated and given to them by their “TITANIC” DEMONIC GODS that they worship. All of our historical accounting has been falsified by these demonic entities and false memory has been systematically instilled into us from birth.

The purpose of relationship to YaHUWaH is to deliver us from these Fallen ones and show us His NATURAL blueprint to find ZION by rightly dividing his WORD using the set apart FEMALE RUACH and not these 9 imposter MUSES which work for the QUEEN of HEAVEN and are her daughters. The TRUE DAUGHTER of ZION (where YaHuWaH dwells… HIS HOME) has a GATE to the house though PRAISE and acknowledgement of who YaHUWaH is and accessed by those who elevate his NAME above all other gods.

He is not our LORD, which means BAAL. MOLECH. DAGON.

ZION is FEMININE. YaHuWaH dwells with his WIFE and consort ZION… The name for the Ruach Ha’kodesh… His HOMEMAKER.

The Nine MUSES

Israel- Our Home Sweet Home.

Noah’s Ark, Mt. Judi (Mt. Cudi=Yahudi) and The Anti-Christ Base Compound.

Mount Judi (Arabic: الجودي‎ al-ǦūdīAramaic: קרדו‎ Qardū,[1] Kurdish CûdîClassical Syriac: ܩܪܕܘ‎ Qardū,[1] TurkishCudi), according to very Early Christian and Islamic tradition (based on the Qur’anHud:44), is the Noah‘s apobaterion or “Place of Descent”, the location where the Ark came to rest after the Great Flood.

The Quranic tradition is similar to the Judeo-Christian legend. The identification of Mount Judi as the landing site of the ark persisted in Syriac and Armenian tradition throughout Late Antiquity but was abandoned for the tradition equating the Biblical location with the highest mountain of the region, which therefore came to be known as Mount Ararat.

Jewish Babylonian, Syriac, and Islamic traditions identify Mount Judi or Qardu as a peak near the town of Jazirat ibn Umar (modern Cizre), at the headwaters of the Tigris, near the modern Syrian–Turkish border. Arab historian Al-Masudi (d. 956), reported that the spot where the ark came to rest could be seen in his time. Al-Masudi locates Jabal Judi at 80 parasangs from the Tigris.

So why is this important?

This is where the Anti-Christ, according to Daniel Chap 11:45 will set up his compound in the Highest Mountain  (Mt. Judi or Ararat?) during the imminent pole shift and cataclysms.

What was good enough for Noah’s Ark is what’s good enough for him he figures, as that mountain range was the first to be exposed after the flood.

So…What is being built on Mt. Judi? Is there a base set up there inside the mountain?   Probably so. If not, there will be.

Another name for this Mountain. is Mt Cudi, or Qardu.  Quar signify’s FOUR. Here we have the FOUR horsemen gathering together in the End Times. (There is no ” J ” in ancient languages including Hebrew).  “Ararat”, in the bible,  was a whole Mountain range of which Mt. Judi belonged. It is not located in northern Turkey. That is a lie . A “midEVIL” change to throw you off base.  It is located in the Uratu Mountains  and according to ancient  Armenian legends the ARK was sighted there and discovered years ago by archeologists. Hence they know this is where to build their End of Days Compound, which they definitely don’t want the masses to know about. They are the END TIME PREPPERS par excellence!

The whole Mt. Ararat in Turkey location is another Illuminati HOAX to throw you off base. That Mountain is an active volcano and they sure wouldn’t build anything on it of this magnitude, unless they are stupid.  Furthermore this ties into the whole Semiramis connection. She is the queen of SYRIA. The black horsewoman will take the famine to Syria as millions already are suffering there from that war torn country. They want to position themselves strategically to attack Israel and I believe Mt. Ararat would be too far away to do so. Ararat was mistranslated from the Uratu Mountain Region. It was a region, not a particular mountain, that was being referenced. That came much later in the Middle Ages. Mt. Judi, however, is 200 miles farther south and at the mouth of the Tigris River and an assortment of ancient documents confer that this was Noah’s Ark’s landing place.

Ancient Assyrian Lands Ruled by Semiramis -The Queen of Heaven-(Whom YaHuWaH Detests)

I’m posting this as we will be using this as a reference tool for other posts to come.

Semiramis was said to be the mother of TAMMUZ also.

She was married to Poseidon (Ninus or Nimrod), the founder of Nineveh.  He killed her first husband, Oannes,  in a battle and took her to wife as part of the spoil.  She had many lovers and was a Harlot. She had a thing for a beautiful Armenian King named Ara (Ara the Beautiful) and actually invaded Armenia when he refused her advances. He was killed in a battle by mistake, and she faked his “resurrection” to get the support of the Armenians. The mountains of Ararat were named in his honor. She built a palace in the cliffs there as well. This historical site will play a role with the Assyrian “Anti-Christ”  of the book of  Revelation.

Ancient Assyrian Lands Ruled by Semiramis


Eye of Sauron

Fomalhaut means “Mouth of the Great Southern Fish”. It is located in Piscis Austrinus. It is a lone prominent star in the night sky, being nicknamed the lonely star of Autumn, and one of the brightest. It is also referred to as the “Great Eye of Sauron” due to its shape and debris ring.

Fomalhaut  was worshipped as DEMETER. Demeter was an agricutural goddess who was also known as the mare Goddess. She rode a BLACK HORSE. i.e. FAMINE. She was married to Poseidon hence—– she is the mouth of the great fish! (DAGON) .  The THIRD HORSEMAN of the book of Revelation.. We have identified her as Angelina Jolie in my previous posts.

The EYE OF SAURON relates to SYRIA. Syria is a shortened version of Assyria from which the Antichrist or THE ASSYRIAN is referenced. Sauron was an ancient ruler who established BABYLON from the Chaldean/ Sumerian cultures. It is said he built Nineveh where Jonah was sent to prophesy. There were legends written about Sauron as he too was a seer, and ancient texts have been discovered. He is most likely the father of the Syrians of today which are a genetically distinct race of people.

Syria was and will continue to be in the limelight as the black horse of famine unfolds. The EYE of SAURON has been featured extensively in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as these writers such as Tolkien are students of the mystery schools and have been well versed of these legends and their sorceries. Sure the books have been embellished, but a lot of the characters were actually Sumerian and Babylonian kings and sorcerers. The EYE is the ALL SEEING EYE and hence the media “FOCUS” on SURVEILLANCEe at this time is also at the forefront with the NSA- Snowden Hoax being propagated in the forefront of the  media.

Between the Snowden scam and the Treyvon Martin Case scam the country is being polarized. You are being played by the media and the Global Elites who play both sides of the fence and “PITT” (aka Angelina Jolie-LOL! ) one side against the other.  This is all by design. They feed off the passionate emotional energy that is created from the drama… Like VAMPIRES.

Well Keep your EYE on SYRIA because this is a critical End Times piece. I believe they will use a UN intervention there to justify implementing their world police system in the name of PEACE. (Yeah, right). They will fuel the fire there and kill thousands, and also put Israel in grave danger, which is the ultimate mark for the Antichrist. He wants Jerusalem.

Pole Shift Is Eminent -Isaiah 24

pole shiftYaHuWaH has been speaking to me about Pole Shift. I had a rough couple of days this weekend with it being the Summer Solstice and all and you can bet your bottom dollar there was a lot of murders that went on this weekend for the cults. I could feel it in my spirit. YaHuWaH is pretty much fed up with this planet and will destroy it as we know it. Read Isaiah Chap 24. This is a description of a pole shift where he allows the Earth to be turned UPSIDE DOWN.  It says the sun and the moon will be confounded and will not give their light properly. In Revelation, this is the 6th SEAL. I believe this will happen in the next 20 years at the latest. YaHuShuWaH will return in 2033 to establish his kingdom on the earth and when he does, the planet will be reset back to it’s Eden- like state. HE will serve as the sun for us due to his brilliance and preeminence. We will not need a moon as there will be no night and no need of sleep. We will be energized by HIM and by the fruit in his new garden He establishes. There will not be any meat eaters and the animals will all be at peace among each other.

There is no way to prepare for this in the natural. The elite who think they will be safe underground are gonna be in for a surprise. No one will be capable of hiding from the WRATH of almighty God.  They will be furious and their money will be WORTHLESS. Satan has lied to them and promised them a way of escape but there is none. “DEN” VER  isn’t going to save you! There is only one GOD- the Most High Elohim- YaHuWaH. (YHWH). They tried to blot both his name and YaHushuWaH”s name out for all eternity by removing it from our pagan so called “BIBLES”.  Well, the ROCK is the WORD and the WORD can never be destroyed. It is the only thing you can bank on.

Heaven and earth will pass away but the WORD (YaHushuWaH)  will NOT pass away.

The Illuminati and Satanists have had their day in the SUN but their SUN is going to reel to and fro like a drunkard just like them. The MEEK shall inherit the new Earth and the MEEK are the sheep…Not the haughty fucking elitists. They are going down…Literally. The Word says they will either be held captive in the pit or they will be ensnared. Those that survive the shift that is. YaHuWaH has assured me that the ELECT 144,000 will not be harmed. We will be divinely protected. I’m planning to go to Jerusalem this fall now to see what HE has in store for us. I believe he is calling his ELECT there to watch the fireworks from a front row seat.  The people over there now for the most part are NOT his ELECT. Most of us are still floundering around not knowing what to do or where to go yet as the SPIRIT RUACH has been teaching us 1:1. We are like the BREEZE and move around a lot. “Ruach gypsie”s if you please! ( HA! Ha!).

Well I’ll try to post some video about the pole shift which even scientists won’t refute. That’s why we are seeing massive flooding now and extreme weather. The magnetism of the earth is weakening exponentially. Supposedly, the North Pole has shifted around 160 miles in the last few months!! It’s moving towards Siberia. When it gets close to a land mass it could flip the poles because the ley lines are weaker and can’t hold the mass of the earth in that position.

Well it’s really frightening I agree. Hang on to GOD…. and I mean the ONLY TRUE GOD …

The one who CREATED US and our planet EARTH and galaxy and universe.