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The Transhumanism Agenda-As it was in the Days of Noah

Jerusalem Here We Come!

abomination of desolation

YaHuWaH has been speaking to me about going to Jerusalem. Now I’m not rich Okay? I bought the guide book two days ago at Barnes and Nobles and I’m looking into it. I was talking to a realtor a while back as well, but it seems the land there is astronomically priced out of the ball park. We will however be given it once YaHuShuWaH returns, as it belongs to the ELECT.  At any rate, I’m going to try to maybe plan my first trip there for this summer. Now I also understand that we will be given a New Jerusalem at the end of the millennial reign here on Earth. A new heaven and a new Earth all together. That will be really something to see. In the meantime though, our home is Jerusalem according to the word of YaHuWaH. I know I’ve been pretty much a gypsy my entire life (A Levite probably) as we don’t have homes, and yet I’m a homey kind of person. I’m down to one storage unit full of furniture. Bare minimum right now, so if I need to go to Israel it won’t take much to discard or sell this stuff. That may be what’s going to happen. I don’t now yet. All’s I know is that time is running out, YaHuShWaH will be coming back in our lifetime and I want a front row seat when he does! How about you? I will keep you posted as to what I find out. I’ve always been a scout and have traveled extensively throughout my life. I’m also a good bargain shopper so if I find a nice locale where English speaking expats could gather that would be at the top of my list as well. Well, I will be traveling next week also, so I may not be on top of the blog like I should be. You have to understand that it is dangerous to talk about this stuff. They come after you when you do. I try to stay one step ahead of them as should you. It is a spiritual war. All I know right now is that Jerusalem will be coming to the forefront here soon and I’m supposed to be there. If you are interested in going to Israel you can email me at Maybe I’ll get a group together that wants to go this summer. Wouldn’t that be fun? Take care and I’ll keep you updated. Shalom.

The Word Of YHWH for 2/3/13 – Jeremiah 50:19



“And I will bring Israel again to his habitation, and he shall feed on Carmel and
Bashan, and his soul shall be satisfied upon mount Ephraim and Gilead”.

YaHuWaH is telling me to plan a trip to Israel. I’ve never been, but that has to be the closest place to heaven that we can be this side of his returning to the earth. Now I’m not interested in any canned tourist trap trip. I’d lke to go set up shop over there, as that is our true home that was promised to us as his ELECT.  Specifically, the area mentioned above in the book. I’d like to set up a farm over there possibly and a community for true believers so we don’t feel so isolated in this world. Even if you just wanted to come over for a week or two you could get a feel for the real homeland without all the artificial crap. I’m specifically gonna look into the Mt Ephraim, Mt Carmel areas around Bethel for doing this because this is where the word says we belong and this is where, I (Dvora),  also belong. Has anyone ever been to this area? I don’t believe this is your typical tourist trap itinerary. I would hire a private guide to scout the area with me and then offer up ideas to other investors who might be interested. I don’t even know if something like this is legal or viable but I’m going to look into it. This would be for English speakers who may want to eventually expatriate  to Israel. If you know Hebrew -GREAT! I don’t as of yet. I would require though, that you believe on Yahushuwah the Son of YaHuWaH if you want to be part of this community. I’m going to check with Kathleen Petticord of International Living to see what she knows about Israel. I took her expat course a while back, but nothing clicked for me with that. Some of you I’m sure have been to Israel. I haven’t in this lifetime but I’m sure I’ll recognize things if I were to go back. If anyone has been to this particular area (i.e. Mt Ephraim, Bethel, Ramah, Mt. Carmel, Gilead) please email me at I’d love to hear from you. I will most likely be setting up a website soon so that I can open an online business to help support my ministry as this is what YaHuWah is leading me to do. I would love to have a place we Endtime Elect  English speaking believers can call home for good. I’ve been a gypsy for way too long. How about you? Wouldn’t you love to retire in Israel? You’ll get a front row seat when our Savior returns!  How exciting is that? Shalom.


Who really was Joseph of Arimathea?

Joseph of Arithmathea


Well we get that picture that this Religious Jew just shows up out of nowhere’s during Yahushuwah’s ministry. Sorry..he was in the picture all along. He was the Virgin Mary’s husband. He wasn’t a carpenter either. He was a wealthy tin & wood merchant who traveled extensively. He was a widow and had other children from his first wife Salome. She dies somewhere’s along the line. Mary actually was the babysitter for them. Mary as we said before, was an orphan it appears at a young age. Her mother Hannah (St. Anne)  dedicated her to the temple as a priestess from birth. This family was never poor. Yahushuwah attended the best schools and traveled with his dad Joseph of Arimathea extensively. He had kingly training and substance such that fisherman dropped what they were doing and FOLLOWED him at the drop of a hat. He was never your common average guy.

So where does the title “of Arimathea” come from then? Well its NOT a place. He was an MATHMETICIAN. He was a builder- possibly a mason or master woodworker and had to know measurement, geometry, angles, and precision. He attended the Arimathea-probably a fancy training academy for scholars that taught Mathematics,  Geomatria and mystical Judaism. Yahushuwah followed in his footsteps and learned those mystical arts as well. The whole famil,y including Elisabeth, Zacharias, and John the Baptist were wealthy mystics who understood the Kaballah correctly and were a priestly family… including the women. When Yahushuwah died on the tree (not a cross by the way!) it was his dad who begged for the body cause this was Jewish Law. He put him in his own grave because he thought he would surely die before his “son” as any parent would, and being an elder he was prepared for this.  They cut a huge stone and had it rolled in front of the door to the tomb. He also was said to have owned the Shroud of Turin after the Resurrection and took it to Britain (along with relics from the crucifixion and vials of the blood and sweat of Yahushuwah), where it became the HOLY GRAIL. (Holy Gremara). He was a true believer and not a serpent seed even though he was a member of the Sanhedrin. Supposedly King Arthur was one of his decendents. This shows us that YHWH has his ELECT spread out across the board in different religions, denominations, and sects. The wheat and the tares are indeed growing together and they always have been. YHWH has chosen his family as he pleases and his sheep hear his voice. Joseph was told right from the beginning about Mary and he was supposed to provide and look out for her. I don’t believe he ever had sex with her. I’m with the Catholics on this opinion- but there is no place to venerate her either as this is something which was done by the TRUE MOTHER OF YAHUSHUWAH…the RUACH HA’KODESH. Neither his biological mother (MARY) or his father (Joseph) were his parents. Period. They were merely vessels used by the true heavenly parents. Shalom.

The Two Pillars- Boaz and Jachin -The Entrance to the Temple of YHWH

Boaz and Jachin

Soloman had these two bronze pillars constructed by Hiram Abif an artisan from Tyre.(The freemasons love this guy). They were very tall (35 cubit or 15 cubits in two different accounts). I’m thinking there were TWO sets of these possibly due to the discrepancy. The tops had 5 cubit filials with a wreath and chains containing the Lily flowers or pomegranates wrapped around them. They named the towers Boaz and Jachin as they were a form of monument to them. (Actually this is idolatry as well). Boaz was placed on the left or Northern side and Jachin was placed at the right or southern side of the doorway. This in itself was confusing as depending on whether you were coming or going the sides would have a different orientation. HELLO?? Are you coming or going into the Temple? This is Mirror magic. Depending on how you look at the scene no two people will see the same door. I think it is safe to say though that Boaz was the head (northern side) and Jachin was the Tail.(southern side). Head =intellect, lofty, while Tail= sensual, base.  

Now Boaz we know from the story of Ruth. He was the Kinsman redeemer. Ruth was rewarded with his kindness because of her faithfulness to Naomi. He took her under his wing so to speak, and looked out for her and gave her a LIFE in a place that was NOT her home. He brought her into his family…LEGALLY.  He was a type of our Messiach and what he has done for us as well by his death, burial, and ressurrection. Ruth still had to take him up on it. In fact she and Naomi instigated the whole affair. If it were up to Boaz he’d still be getting drunk down at the threshing floor…ALONE.

Now the other guy,  Jachin…His name means Hyacinthe. A different type of flower that has both male and female reproductive  parts… HUM..Where have we talked about that before? (see my post the Tree of Life). He was bisexual (androgynous). His flower was not the Lily, but his seed was the Pomagranite. Pomagranates were know as the Fruit of the Dead in bible times as it stemmed from ancient Egypt. It was thought they had 613 seeds and probably did at that time before they got genetically messed up with cross hybridization. 613 was the # of the geomara from the Talmud. Here we go again with the serpent seed.The Lily on the other hand was said to be arrayed better than Soloman and was the garment of the priesthood. (Matt 6:25-34). I think Jachin was Joachim. It’s a mistranslation. Joachim was the “father” of the virgin MARY. Her mother was St. Anne or (Hannah). Hannah had Mary late in life and some accounts say she too was a VIRGIN. Hello??? The priestly decendency came through the FEMALES. Nothing more is mentioned about Joachim and yet they build a fricking column with his name on it?? What the hell for? Mary was given into the priesthood from birth by Hannah her mother. She was never tainted by the evil society. Her mother must have died and hell knows where the dad went, but she turned to her mom’s  sister (Sobe’s)  daughter (Elisabeth-her cousin) for guidance and help during her pregnancy. Uh..where’s the father…Joseph who?? We’ll get to him too… because he is none other than Joseph of Arimethea. More to come… Selah.

Deborah- “The Mother of Israel” by John and Patty Chadwick

queen bee

Me-The Queen Bee-Dvora

Deborah was a prophetess whom God gifted and used in many different ways to help out her people, Israel. She is often compared to a bee. Deborah had a fatal sting for her enemies as the Canaanites and other foes came to experience. As the bee ranks the highest in intelligence in the animal kingdom, so it is written that Deborah stands out as among the wisest of all Old Testament women (Lockyer, All the Women of the Bible 40). It is not known if she had any children nor is there a genealogy record on this female warrior and writer.

     There were very few palm trees in the land of Palestine at this time, but Deborah had one where she sat and ruled under. In honor of her works, it became know as “The Palm of Deborah (Judges 4:5). Often referred to as a “Mother in Israel”, she was gifted with superior spiritual, mental, and physical powers, which left her mark in Israel. Deborah, whom God raised up for a special purpose, was endowed with a remarkable personality and varied gifts for the deliverance of His distressed and defeated people. A woman of exceptional achievements, she carved out a niche for herself. 

     She was married and her husband, Lapdoth, was thought to be meek, but by no means weak. He stayed behind the scenes and supported his wife, encouraging her in all her activities. It is usually said that behind every great man there is a great wife. In this situation it seems that behind this great woman was a great husband. Apparently he gave her his love, sympathy, support, and encouragement not minding if he rode “second chariot” to her (Herbert Lockyer, Herbert, All the Women of the Bible 40).

     Deborah was endowed with the gift of prophecy in which she had the ability to discern the mind and purpose of God and state it to others. Deborah sat under her palm tree looking very stately in person with her dark, penetrating prophetic eyes as she poured out wisdom and instruction of the counsel of God. She was able to stir up the public with her views and produce change. She stirred up Israel’s concern about its sad spiritual condition. The land was debauched and well near ruin under the rule of the Canaanites and their liberty had been lost. Her people were dejected and afraid. Their spirits had been broken and there was no hope of  deliverance from their present state.

     Deborah did more than prophesy, she aroused a nation in the depths of despair through her fearless and unsolicited devotion to the freeing of her people. She awoke in them a driving desire to free themselves from their bondage and degradation. Her call and challenge to them was to seek God’s help in delivering them from their enemy. 

     Day after day she excited and challenged the people of Israel. All who listened to her words of divine wisdom felt the certainty of their deliverance from a heathen people if only they would arise to action and, with the help of God, free themselves from fear and folly and go out and fight. All of Israel was under her jurisdiction, from which she dispensed righteousness, justice, and mercy.

     After having fought the enemy with words and prayer, now God told her to fight in battle. Being led of God she sent for Barak, saying it was God’s will that he should lead the army and deliver Israel from the hand of the enemy. He agreed to lead the army with the condition that Deborah, the brave-hearted and dauntless ruler, go with him. Barak felt he could face the enemy only if his ruler was at hand. So out they went to do battle with the Canaanite army with great odds against them. Even in the heat of the battle, the dauntless spirit of Deborah did not waver. God was her ally and she rested in that fact. God sent a hail and rainstorm during that battle which helped lead the Israelites to victory. Thus Deborah gained underlying fame as the female warrior who rescued her people from their cruel foe. 

     After the victory over national foes, Deborah ruled with equity and the nation of Israel had rest from war and captivity for forty years. Deborah loved her God, her people, and her country and stood firm in her convictions. She had excellent speaking abilities and a knack to motivate and encourage people to get closer to God, instilling in them a confidence to trust God and believe that He would act on their behalf.

Vendyl (AKA Indiana) Jones

Indiana Jones


I tracked down the discoverer of the Keterot and lo and behold it was the REAL INDIANA JONES!! Mr. Vendyl Jones (YHWH rest his soul) died not too long ago though, but his foundation- The Vendyl Jones Research Institute was responsible for finding the Incense AND the Holy annointing oil that it gets mixed with. He also discoverd the only  copper scroll at Qumran which he claims listed the location of 32 of the temple artifacts  (if it was read diagonally) including the ARK OF THE COVENANT!! Mr Jones claimed he knew where it was buried at Qumran, but the Israeli Government stopped him from any further digs by not granting him any more permits because he wasn’t a professional archeologist. This man gave his life to this stuff. It’s such a shame that the government red tape once again rears it’s ugly head. They probably have removed it by now, now that he did all the work telling them where to find it. I’m looking into seeing who took over the project if anyone. It’s been several years ago I think and they may have just dropped the ball on the whole thing. No tellin. What a fascinating story though. I’d love to go over there and help  dig, wouldn’t you?

Vendyl also was the man who found Gilgal if you see my other post about this. What a spiritual man. He was truely hearing from the Lord.  I hope I can get in contact with somebody at the foundation or one of his daughters  or son. I think they are living in Israel last I heard. If anybody has any more info about this drop me a comment. Thanks.

PS- Jones never got a dime from the movie either. George Lucas claimed he named the character  Indiana Jones after his dog!

Gilgal= “Rolling in the Deep”- The word of YaHuWaH for 12/9/12

It’s all starting to be made clear to me. Gilgal was/is a portal. The Ark of the Covenant opened it up by being encamped there in the tabernacle. Gilgal means rolling away, to encircle, or a whirlwind. This was and is very high technology. YaHuWaH traveled in a whirlwind by day and pillar of fire by night with the Israelites. It’s becoming more clear to me that He was using scalar wave technology. The references to “rolling” such as rolling away the stone at the tomb were done using frequencies and harmonics. So was the resurrection. So was the parting of the seas.  So was the construction of the pyramids. Joshua was told to encircle Jericho six times and on the 7th time to sound the trumpets. They had managed to set up a wave pattern by their marching. YaHuWah knew that after the pattern had been set up, that  by throwing that last surprise frequency in the mix it would upset the harmonics and cause the collapse seeing as everything is vibrating in space at its own frequency. The references to pillars are the” walls” I was being given information about in my earlier posts.  When He constructs a portal from a higher dimension, there is a surrounding layer that forms a wall electromagnetically. It’s like a force field. The angels (and demons)  are able to come through the hole that is formed in the interior of the tunnel or “wormhole”.  The Hadron collider at Cern is trying to duplicate this. Satan has to copy or steal from YaHuWaH. He is incapable of creation on his own.  Wormwood is HIS COPY. He is wrecking havoc creating black holes in the planet causing destructive consequences.  The Satanists know this and they don’t care.  They are “Rolling Dice in the Deep”. They know time is almost up.  The song has very DEEP SPIRITUAL connotations and that’s why is sends shivers in you and hits the primordial instinctive level and speaks to all of us.  The DEEP is not water… It’s SPACE… It’s our galaxy… It’s also our SOUL…Our Collective Consciousness . The song is actually an affront to Yahushuwah who is the one who gave  it all up..i.e… the Material World…. The Matrix…to Redeem  your Lost Souls…Souls that are being scalped and harnessed and beaten. On a universal scale, the deep is the center of the milky way galaxy. On 12-21-12 we will be in THE DEEP. Will a portal be opened for good or evil? What’s happening deep within you? Are you prepared to Meet your Maker?  Rolling in the deep goes to the core of our very being! Hold on cause this “Space Mountain” roller coaster ride is about to take off!

Gilgal-The Entrance to the Promised Land

The word of YaHuWaH for 12-7-12 Joshua Chap 4. The place called Gilgal.

This passage talks about another crossing and parting of waters that happens after the Red Sea and Moses episode. This one may not be as well known to us. Joshua is told to cross the river Jordan and they are headed to Jericho (remember the Battle of Jericho? YHWH once again holds back the waters so the twleve tribes can cross over. The interesting part this time is that one man from each tribe is told to grab a boulder from the bottom of the riverbed and take it for a monument that they are to build on the other side to commemorate this event FOREVER. The place where they put the monument was called Gilgal. Now nobody seems to be able to find or agree asto  the location of this site. Gilgal means circle or wheel. Could we have another bible wheel here such as Ezekial’s wheel? I  don’t think the stones were put in a circle like they think. This was a very HOLY place.  How would they make it stand out FOREVER? Saul was annointed king here and the Ark of the Covenant had been placed here as well. Every days after they circled Jericho they returned here to their camp.  The Isrealites were circumsized also for a 2nd time here (the hill of foreskins) and that this was the last place for manna to have ever appeared from heaven. It was a CROSSROADS. A PORTAL. The angel of the Lord of Hosts also appears here and tells them to remove their shoes! Later on, the prophet Hosea tells how the place has been decimated and corrupted and how YHWH is furous!

Well they say they found the site now and guess what? It’s in the shape of a GIANT FOOT!