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Isaiah Chap. 23 The Burden of Tyre (The ROCK).



YaHuWaH wants to move on now through the next book of Isaiah and quite frankly I have no idea where he wants to go with this, but he has made it very clear to me that this is the next piece in the Endtimes puzzle. We all know that Damasus is going to be destroyed according to Chap 17, and it will be turned into a heap of trash. Well, chapter 23 deals with a coastal city named TYRE. Now according to Wikipedia, TYRE means “ROCK” and specifically it was BERYL ROCK. Beryl as we know, is one of the foundations of the throne of YaHuWaH. It got me thinking that maybe each of these “Burdens of the Lord” represent a different stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. That would make 12 burdens, 12 stones, 12 tribes, 12 cities, each having a specific layer to add to laying the foundation for YaHuWaH’s Kingdom here on earth when he returns for his millenial reign.

Now TYRE was a financial merchant shipping center. It was know for it’s rare purple dye which comes from the murex shell. Purple was the color of Royalty and still is. In the last chapter (Isaiah 22) we talked about THE VALLEY OF VISION and went into a whole teaching on the NAPA Valley and the rising up up THE ROCK for that area. Eliakim or YaHuWaH’s chosen priest for that LAND.  We said it would be Dwayne Johnson who fits the bill for the coastland of California in setting up YaHuWaH’s Endtime kingdom there. Well YaHuWaH has likewise set some clues here as well, as to who his chosen one will be over the coastland of TYRE and SIDON. This area will specifically be used to serve the Elect and will supply them with their clothing (Royal duds) and imported food. That natural port will be refurbished and renovated for this purpose.

The ships of Tarshish (Which also means BERYL) will frequent this port and restock the supplies. Tarshish was associated with the Tribe of ASHER and with SILVER. During King Soloman’s day, the King of TYRE was KING HIRAM. (remember the Mormon/Masonic guy?) He made a blood pack with King Soloman as a blood brother and supplied him with the lumber, ships, etc. to build the temple for YaHuWaH. My guess is that one of his descendants will rise to this position during YaHushuWaH’s return.
The passage says that there will be a seventy year period of QUIET around this area. (Daniel’s 70 years?) Then the area will SING LIKE A HARLOT. Well I found this language intriguing. I looked up “Lebanese Singer” on google and I found a unique person by the name of SABAH. This Lebanese actress/singer was an international sensation around the early 20th century. She is still alive now, but she’s in her late 80’s and hospital bound. The woman had 10 MARRIAGES! There’s our harlot marking TYRE for this Endtimes Era. I’m guessing when she dies this area of TYRE and SIDON will once again come to the forefront on the world scene. That’s a valuable natural port and it belongs to the Endtimes kingdom on earth. It will be interesting to see what transpires there after the demise of Damascus. History is coming to a close and you can bet your bottom dollar these cities will be in the news here along with Damascus in the not so distant future.

Psalm 118- Happy Passover! His name is YaHuWaH!

4/12/14. YaHuShuWaH turns the Water into Wine. He who has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Families of MH370.


He chooses only the finest grapes.


Who was Hilkiah? Restoring the Lost Law (Lesson 1- The Valley of Vision Isaiah Chap 22) The Destiny of Flight MH370 survivors.



HILKIAH – Restoring The Lost Law
2 Kings 22:8

Our lesson focuses upon one of the great heroes of the Old Testament. Hilkiah was a High Priest who served during the reign of King Josiah.  He is the man who discovered the lost Book of God. The spiritual situation in Judah was deplorable when Josiah became King. He ascended the throne after two of the most evil Kings of the Southern Kingdom had led Judah very far away from God’s will. King Josiah was Judah’s last hope of being saved from exile. Assuming the throne when he was only eight years old meant that he would be tutored by the High Priest until he reached a mature age. The King surrounded himself with godly advisors who would support Josiah’s efforts to bring Judah back to God’s will.  Josiah faced a nation who had given themselves totally to idolatry. The Temple was filled with images of pagan gods. There remained only a “memory” of God’s Word because the written Word had been lost. Josiah faced an enormous task.  Among those upon whom Josiah leaned for counsel and support was the High Priest Hilkiah.

The History of Hilkiah
There are a number of men identified by this name in the Old Testament. The one in our lesson is first mentioned in 2 Kings 22. He was serving as the High Priest under King Josiah. Hilkiah’s name meant “Yah is my Portion”. He is forever known as the man in the Old Testament who gave people God’s Book!  At this time in history, the Book of God had vanished. People knew about its teachings but they had never seen it or read from it.  He was trusted to find the proper understanding of God’s will. When King Josiah needed to know what God’s will was, he selected a committee of respected men to go to the prophetess Huldah. The King trusted each of these men to tell him God’s will.

Josiah wanted the pagan articles purged from the Temple. The King appointed Hilkiah to do this. Evidently the High Priest was known as one who would do this important task and his leadership would compel others to do it as well. He was thus known for devotion and zeal and commitment to YahuWaH. He recognized the value of God’s Book and the urgency to get its information out to the people. Hilkiah knew the value of The Book of the Law.

He also is listed among the spiritual leaders of Israel who freely donated items for the restored Passover celebration (2 Chr 35:8). This indicates his unselfishness and his loyalty to God.  He also had a fantastic influence in getting Judah to restore Scriptural worship to God (2 Chr 35:18). Read the text and observe what Hilkiah’s influence led God’s people to do – they abolished pagan practices, destroyed alters to Baal, remove vessels dedicated to idols, remove the images dedicated to the sun, moon, and stars, abruptly stopped the child sacrifices, crushed to pieces the alters erected by Manasseh in the Temple’s courts, they even razed the high places scattered throughout Israel. Throughout the entire region, reformation was the order of the day. There was “zero tolerance” for anything/any one connected with idolatry.  All of this happened because of the influence of Hilkiah!

He brought the Word of God out of hiding! The Scripture became public because Hilkiah brought it to the King’s attention. This one aspect of Hilkiah’s life is probably the best remembered. Why had the Law of the Lord been lost?

“It would seem that the written law of God had passed from human knowledge, lost in the haze of heathenism, which so long had enveloped the land … yet the narrative clearly indicates that king and people were strangers to its contents … The natural meaning is that the written law had been lost, its substance meanwhile only existing in memory, or as a tradition”.

Contemplate this tragedy of the lost Torah.    Is this calamity occurring today?

How could this happen?     Is Yah’s word “lost” in our society today?


Restoration IS possible. YaHuWaH is a God of RESTORATION.

The 200 survivors of MH370 will be instrumental in helping to bring this about.





Thurs. March 27th, 2014. Update on the “Abduction” of Malaysian Flight 370.


I want to clarify a few things at this time. We talked about Michael the Arch “Angel” (MALAK) taking the Malaysian flight 370.

Let me be clear, that we are not NEW AGE proponents not do we engage in Channeling or talking to 4th dimensional entities via trance or hypnotic altered states. That is all demonic and not to be trusted. We are not adherents of the ASHTAR (ISHTAR) Command or Nephilim hybrids or any other alien races for that matter. To be sure, there are other races in our galaxy,( i.e. created 3rd and 4th dimensional beings)  but  that is not what we are referring to here. We are talking about the Prince of YaHuWaH’s heavenly host.

(7th-9th dimensional beings).

There is, and has been an eternal war going on since the fall of mankind, which is talked about a lot in the “Bible”.  It has been occurring on the higher dimensions, namely 4th, 5th, and 6th,  but will move into the 3rd dimension here now as we are coming to closure in the battle.

The final war over the future of mankind, will be fought (THE MAGOG WAR) in the Middle East during the next 12 years.

So why did God intervene in this Flight 370 situation?

Well we noted that the NWO really had it pre-planned to steal the plane from the onslaught. They wanted the RFID Chip scientists at their disposal, and the patent for the technology not to be shared with the Chinese government. The Malaysian Government just got caught in the crossfire. They really didn’t know what was going down. There also may have been either biologicals or nuclear materials on board as well,  that were being transported to the Diego Garcia airbase “under the radar” , so to speak, literally. The pilots were notified of the change ahead of time, (phone call)  and were complicent, as they had worked for the US military on other operations and deliveries in the past. No big deal. Just a little side job….Moonlighting if you will, to make some extra cash. Not intentionally neferious but surely unethical and illegal.

Well, God had seen enough. People think YaHuWaH isn’t in the big picture anymore. He’s the pie in the sky God. Well I got news for you…He is on top on HIS GAME FOLKS. When he sees something contrary to HIS OUTCOME for this planet he will intervene and intervene BIG TIME. The NWO is not gonna pull one over on YaHuWaH and get away with it. ANYTHING they are allowed to do is with his permission and this WAS NOT!

As long as his ELECT 144,000 are here on the earth we will be protected from these electronic, biological,  and nuclear weapons. I can’t say the same for the rest of you. YOU DON”T KNOW GOD. If you don’t know his NAME you surely don’t KNOW HIM! God has all the “ALIEN TECHNOLOGY” at his disposal and then some. He created those rebel races. They can’t outsmart their Creator. You don’t think he has any SPACECRAFT at his disposal? WELL DUH??? He could have changed the Magnetism at that location if He wanted to. Maybe he did.

At any rate, HE TOOK the ship because it was a grave danger to mankind. It was for the greater good of mankind.  Most of the passengers are still alive and did not see death. SEVEN to be exact have chosen to stay with Michael and were incarnated for this purpose here. They will NOT be returning to Earth. They  are Malak. They are leading and training the other 200. The 12 crew members are dead as are the 20 scientists. Their time was up. No pain, no torture- just non-existant anymore. The 200 remaining people are in spiritual training and being well cared for. They will be returning to Earth shortly. They will be here before the millenial reign of YaHuShUwaH is set up. (Within the next 20 years and they will help to lead many ASIANS, mostly Chinese,  to the TRUTH of Gods Kingdom. They have been given a rare opportunity and should not be grieved.

They are in a FAR BETTER situation than us here on Earth. That 20 years is like a blink of the eye to GOD.

Now the NWO will try to stage the crash scene in the Indian Ocean. We know that is the next thing they have planned. They have Hollywood at their disposal folks. Don’t believe it! Debris is all of a sudden popping up all over that Ocean. Give me a break! YaHuWaH has sent a cyclone to confound them. Cyclone “Gillian=Julian=belonging to Julius). He’s telling us that this is a staged crash site by the Roman (Julian) Vatican bosses. Don’t believe any of it.

The nuclear cargo may have been dumped in New Mexico on March 18th. I showed you the plume cloud video that is now hanging over Amarillo, TX and Oklahoma. Get out your gamma counters folks in those areas and check on that! You could be being rained on. The plane will be kept for future operations. YaHuWaH has everything at his disposal and one little plane can do a whole hell of a lot of damage to the NWO.  Even Obama is worried with his “nuclear bomb over Manhatten comment” the other day.

They are really worried now and they should be. GOD will not be mocked. The pope ain’t gonna save you. Obama can run to that false prophet all he wants…

The Anti-Christ crowd will have their day here shortly, but after that,  it’s all over for them folks.

Choose this day whom you will Serve.

The Creator’s Name is YaHuWaH. Every knee is gonna bow at that name….



Isaiah 15: The Burden of MOAB. God’s Near Future Judgement on the USA.


The Burden Of MOAB.  Isaiah Chapter 15

verse 1:

1.AR– Little Rock Air Force Base is the home of the 19th Airlift Wing. Two tenant units, the 314th Airlift Wing and the 189th Airlift Wing (Arkansas Air National Guard) report to Air Education and Training Command. A third tenant unit, the U.S. Air Mobility Weapons School reports to Air Combat Command.

The combined efforts of these units allows Team Little Rock to deploy and train the world’s best C-130 Combat Airlifters.

(Note: C-130’s are used to deploy MOAB)

2. KIR– KIRKLAND Air Force Base. Kirtland is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command‘s Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems. The NWC’s responsibilities include acquisition, modernization and sustainment of nuclear system programs for both the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

verse 2:

BAJITH– house or  idol-temple. It has also been regarded as denoting simply the temple of the idol of Moab as opposed to the “high place.” The House of MOAB. Where the bombs are housed.

DIBON-=(DI BAN)- Two “cursed”. To pronounce an Ecclesiastical  curse on these two sites.


MEDEBA- A historic town in Jordan it contains a beautiful mosaic map located in St Georges cathedral on the floor. The map contains two unknown sites. It is a HOLOGRAPH. A bible code for HOT SPRINGS, healing waters. .( i.e Little Rock, AR and Albuquque, NM.)

verse 4:

HESHBON- A historical Jordanian town ruled by AMORITES.   Amor ites are IT Geeks. The ones that will take down AR and KIR.

 King SIHON was their ruler. This an anagram for the King of ZION. GOD, himself,  will take them out using computer technology.

ELEALEH- God has ascended. He is arisen. He will rise to the occasion.

JAHEZ- A SHIP. As in spaceship.

verse 5:

ZOAR- Zoarites, emigrated from the kingdom of Württemberg in southwestern Germany due to religious oppression from the Lutheran church. They did not practice baptism or confirmation and did not celebrate religious holidays except for the Sabbath. A central flower garden in Zoar is based on the Book of Revelation with a towering tree in the middle representing Christ and other elements surrounding it representing other allegorical elements. The town is located  in Ohio. A Safe Zone.

Altenatively, ZOE=LIFE….. All life in AR will be erradicated.

LUHITH- Upward bodily ascent.  Abduction or false rapture.

HORONAIM- Hidden or cloaked Name. False name of JESUS. The Name Of YHWH has been hidden from them. They are on the spiritual road that leads downward. The name used by the Whore of Babylon.


NIMRIM- Nim is a mathematical game of strategy in which two players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.

                 Rim is the outer edge of a round object, i.e. the EARTH. God is sorting the wheat from the tares. 2 piles.

BROOK OF THE WILLOWS- (WILLOWBROOK)- a corrupt Staten Island institution for mentally ill or delayed children. A Psych ward.

verse 8

EGLAIMEglin Air Force Base- Known for the first Test site of MOAB will also be judged.

BEER ELIM- The beer guzzling drunken military supporting  masses. “Support our Troups crowd”. Another group that will be eliminated by God.

verse 9:

DIMON- Two Moons. Two blood moons foreshadowing and timing the destruction.

I am still working on this Bible Prophecy noted in Isaiah 15 but YaHuWaH is informing me that:

MOAB will be targeted and these three AFB’s.

He has ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the Ecclesia.

I would not be anywhere near these three bases over the next 1-2 years.

The Four Beasts of Daniel Chap 7. Beast # 3- The JAGUAR/LEOPARD/PANTHER


This Leopard is actually a Jaguar…  member of the PAN THER family (as in PAN- the goat guy!) This particular chimera was supposedly a cross between a lion and the panther. It’s a hybrid animal. A PAN BEAST. Daniel’s Leopard has four heads and also has vulture wings as well. Vultures are scavenger birds of prey that feed on dead carcasses. A group of feeding vultures is called a WAKE! hummm… We need to break this puzzle down some more…

The Leopard was always indicative of the Moon. Leopards hunt at night and were considered Dark Lords. In the Mayan culture they represented the Bacabs or Four Beasts that held up the four cardinal directions of the Universe, hence the four heads. 

The panther has also been attributed to “Jesus”. In the Abodazara (early Jewish commentaries on the scriptures), it is listed as a surname for the family of Joseph. It tells how a man was healed “in the name of Jesus ben Panther.” Because of this, the panther often signals a time of rebirth after a period of suffering and death on some level. This implies that an old issue may finally begin to be resolved, or even that old longstanding wounds will finally begin to heal, and with the healing will come a reclaiming of power that was lost at the time of wounding.

 Likewise, In the myths and stories of Dionysus, the panther is a symbol of unleashing desires, and thus the awakening of the kundalini forces. The panther symbolized a time of moving from mere poles of existence to a new life without poles or barriers. The panther in a Dionysic manner awakens the unconscious urges and abilities that have been closed down. It signals a time of imminent awakening. 

The jaguar is also said to have the ability to cross between worlds, and daytime and nighttime represented two different worlds to the ancients. The living and the earth were associated with the day, and the spirit world and the ancestors were associated with the night. As the jaguar is quite at home in the nighttime, the jaguar was believed to be part of the underworld; thus, “Maya gods with jaguar attributes or garments were underworld gods”. One such god was Xbalanque, one of the Maya Hero Twins who descends to the underworld, and whose entire body is covered with patches of jaguar skin. Another is God L, who is “the primary lord of the underworld” and often is shown with a jaguar ear or jaguar attire, and atop a jaguar throne. We all know that “Jesus” also descended to the underworld and conquered death and hell while there, and got the keys back from that kingdom of darkness.

No doubt, the jaguar’s brilliant coat made it quite desirable, however, not all were allowed to don the jaguar pelt as it became the identification of the ruling class for the Maya. Not only did Maya kings wear jaguar pelts, but they also adopted the jaguar as part of their ruling name, as a symbol of their might and authority. One such ruling family to incorporate the jaguar into their name was known as, Jaguar Paw, who ruled the Maya city of Tikal in the fourth century. Other Maya rulers to incorporate the jaguar name included, Scroll Jaguar, Bird Jaguar, and Moon Jaguar, just to name a few. In addition to the ruling class, the jaguar also was associated with warriors and hunters. Those who excelled in hunting and warfare often adorned themselves with jaguar pelts, teeth, or claws and were “regarded as possessing feline souls”.

The direction associated with this beast is the SOUTH. The rulers of the SOUTH. This is the sign correlating with Shamanism and shape shifting. Apoptosis in the case of the bodily Resurrection of the Messiah, along with transfiguration in other cases such as seen with Moses and Elijah.

One more beast to go… The WESTERN BEAST….The worst of all!
Stay tuned….

Wrap up for 6-16-23 It’s Coffee Time! (Ephesians 5:14)

coffe cup

I wanted to tie up some loose ends as to where we are at right now. As we have seen from all the Illuminati lies being fabricated on our National media you can see that we are in the GREAT DELUSION period in the Book of Revelation. Even I get caught up in their lying stories from time to time. The NSA spying story about Verizon is the latest one out there. Of course they are spying on us and have been for eons. They have alien technology to do so. They have also propagated their false RA  LEGIONS on the unsuspecting public to draw millions into perdition. The whole culture—-at least in the USA is Babylonian. We were raised in it and have not ever had anything but living under their MATRIX whore beast system.

That’s not to say that YaHuWaH’s arm (THE BRANCH) is too short to deliver you. It’s not. It’s up to you and your relationship with Him. I’ll tell you what though, He is a VERY JEALOUS Elohim. He will not tolerate any false idols in your life including family members, spouse, friends. job. money, whatever occupies the majority of your time. I’ve been having to travel here recently and it throws me off with GOD and I don’t like that. Nothing compares to being in His presence and learning at his feet. I guess that’s why thousands thronged to see and hear his son YaHushuWaH as he was the embodiment of the Father.

In my most recent posts, I’ve been working with His Mazzaroth to try to identify the Four Horseman of Revelation. Now mind you these four are servants perpetuating evil -they are NOT ELECT of  YaHuWaH. They are workers of iniquity for His divine plan. They are the fallen angels that will bring about the changes associated with each one we read about in Revelation. Thus far I have identified three of them. Barrack Husain Obama, The Dalai Lama, and Angelina Jolie.  These three represent the Watchers from the West, East, and South, respectively. We still have not worked on the North Watcher yet. Obama is a Muslim, The Dalai Lama is a Tibetan Buddist, and Jolie is a Satanist. They all serve Ha Satan collectively. Jolie is an interesting character being a prime example of how Lucifer can pose as an angel of light. He was very beautiful,  you know.

The three’s main message is World Peace contrary to what YaHuWaH proclaims. They want peace under the United Nations Beast System which they work for and promote. Obama of course is a war monger so this is a total lie. The three are most likely hybridized cloned persons without human souls. There is no Salvation for them because they aren’t human.

Not everybody can be saved you see…If they are not HUMAN- Ha Adam– they are a different RACE Genetically. When YaHuWaH took out the earth the last time there was only Noah and his family that had not been genetically altered. There now remains just a REMNANT on the earth once again. The 144,000. That’s it. It doesn’t mean we are all Jews either. We aren’t now. Originally we were from the 12 tribes bloodlines but after Nebachenezzar dispersed those Israelites we were scattered all over the world. You could be one of his ELECT 144,000 and not even be “religious” or a JEW.  You’d have to be able to SEE THROUGH the Lies though. The ELECT can not be deceived. It’s not possible according to scripture. It will be close though. YaHuWaH has to keep slapping me awake and reminding me it isn’t real. It’s a hard pill to swallow. (Remember Neo in the Matrix?)

So where do we go now from here? Well YaHuWaH has it in for the ISLES I was told. I didn’t realize how many cultures and religions in the world are on islands. It was mind blowing. So many you can hardly count them. But HE CAN. These are the SEA PEOPLES, I was told and there is some connection to them and the Pelasgians. These are the Dagon, Marduk, fish worhippers that YaHuWaH hates. The Mer People (Mermaids, Furies, Sirens) fitted into this category as well.  Hollywood  touched on this with the movie ARGO and the Disney “Little Mermaid”. Argo was the name of the ship that Jason and the Argonauts sailed on to get to  the GOLDEN FLEECE. There is a connection here with this one and the Angelina Jolie Black Horsewoman but I don’t yet understand how the Fish worship (Poseidon, Dagon, Triton, etc..) connects to the BLACK HORSE. The balances she carries has to do with FAMINE. Here we have FISH and a BLACK HORSE in one character. POSEIDON?  Pisces Austrinus was the mouth of the GREAT FISH and Fomalhaut is the star signifying that Watcher from the South. It’s still a mystery to me but it will enravel here as we move into it more. Semiramis/Demeter/Ceres, of who Jolie is the incarnate,  was a child of one of these gods. I think it was Cronus. Her child Persephone was taken from her to the underworld and stolen by Hades. She is the Babylonian QUEEN OF HEAVEN that YaHuWaH detests.  She is the goddess of AGRICULTURE. She is a pawn here to play a role. Ultimately, they are all working to bring about YaHuWaH’s divine plan.

He is OUR CREATOR and our JUDGE. Peace is not in the equation… Sorry. We had our chance…

Well, I just wanted to try to let you know where YaHuWaH is taking us here by exposing what is going on. Don’t believe anything you see on TV. Radio is bad too, but you can find some truth there still.  Hollywood will let you know in advance what they are focusing on. I think their big thing now is the Transhumanism agenda as they know their time is running out and they want immortality now at any price. Their destiny is Hell (Sheol),  as they all sold out to Satan to get the fame and fortune here in this lifetime.  Well time’s about up…It’s 11:58pm.  Are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?

YaHuWaH’s in the kitchen and he’s got a cup with your name on it!

Get out of bed and go have a cup with HIM.

Arise O Sleeper! (Eph5:14)


The Seven Jewish Feasts and their Significance

Why 49? The 7 sevens. (7 x 7=49) The year of Jubilee=50

The ExodusThe whole story of the EXODUS out of EGYPT should parallel the story of OUR lives. We are to EXIT out of Egypt if we are going to enter in to the PROMISED LAND OF ETERNAL LIFE. It is the story of the Tree of Life. We are born into bondage. We need Liberation from that. We must follow YaHuWaH’s instructions to get out of it. (The Matrix). Pharoah is a type of Satan. He wants you to stay tied to the 3D construct of Life. The physical realm. Moses is a type of YaHushuWaH (Jesus Christ) that lets my people go free. The promised Land is being in the presence of GOD. “Heaven” is what this is called but you can experience heaven on earth. It is being in the HIGH PLACES spiritually. There is nothing artificial about any of this. It is the most natural way to GOD simple by stopping what you are doing and spending time with Him. The Sabbath was designed for this purpose specifically as YaHuWaH knows how BUSY we can get. Even GOD rested though. It’s imperative to your very LIFE! The Sabbath was created for man to do so. The Shabbat is on Saturday.

The feasts that YaHuWaH has us commemorate are the other markers on the path that we are to follow to get to the Promised Land.
(see the video on the 7 feasts).

The omer (“sheaf”) is a Biblical measure of volume of grain. It represents us as a seedling.  On the second day of Passover, an omer of barley was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem, signalling the allowance of the consumption of chadash (grains from the new harvest). On the 50th day after the beginning of the count, corresponding to the holiday of Shavuot, two loaves made of wheat were offered in the Temple to signal the start of the wheat harvest.

The origins of the omer count (i.e. the Sefirat HaOmer), as enumerated in the Midrash. When the Children of Israel left ancient Egypt they were told by Moses that 49 days after the Exodus, they would be given the Torah. The populace was so excited at the prospect of a spiritual liberation, following the physical emancipation from Egypt, they kept a count of the passing days that ended with the giving of the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai. The Torah itself, in Leviticus 23:15-16, and Deuteronomy 16:9, states that it is a commandment to count seven complete weeks from the day after Passover night ending with the festival of Shavuot on the fiftieth day. Shavuot is the festival marking the giving of the Torah to the Hebrew nation on the 6th of the Hebrew month of Sivan. The Torah liberates us.

Shavout is the festival of FIRST FRUITS. The year of Jubilee. The attainment of REBIRTH. The right to enter into God’s kingdom. It is followed by the giving of the TWO LOAVES. The 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth of WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. This makes you become WHEAT and not a TARE. This is also the embodiment of the TWO WITNESSES in your life. This was fulfilled at Pentacost.

It all fits together. The agricultural aspect coincides with the feasts and festivals and the markers in your spiritual journey with God. So where are you on the Path? Have you met the Ruach Ha’Kodesh and are you an embodiment of the TWO WITNESSES?

The KING will be returning soon to fulfill the last of the feasts and the 10th Sephiroth.  Seven we know is the # of perfection.  The perfect Lamb also holds the 7 horns or stars in his right hand.  (The Pleiades or doves) . Hence the 7 chazen or spirits over the ELECT will usher in the END TIMES  SEVEN seals and SEVEN trumpets.  {YahushuWah has seven horns and 7 eyes. (Rev. 5:6) }  We also have the mystery of the SEVEN thunders which John was not allowed to write about. Finally we have the SEVEN last Plagues or VIALS.









49  +1= 50 Which is the Year of Jubilee and the 1000 year millennial  reign of Christ on the earth.